'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Joey Defends Jade And Tripp Feels Guilty

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Joey Defends Jade, Tripp Feels Guilty, And There Is A Confession About Ava

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for next two weeks reveal that the storyline with Joey Johnson (James Lastovic) and Tripp (Lucas Adams) will continue. First, Tripp starts to put his plan to destroy Kayla’s (Mary Beth Evans) life and career into motion. Then, Joey will defend his ex-girlfriend, Jade Michaels (Gabrielle Haugh). Finally, Joey will make a confession to his brother about Ava and Tripp starts to feel guilty about his actions.

DOOL spoilers area ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what to expect on the NBC soap opera.

According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Monday will show Tripp starting to take action in his quest to destroy Kayla. While at the hospital, Tripp comes across an opportunity that could ruin Kayla’s career. He takes advantage of that opportunity, but will it work? Will he actually destroy Kayla because of his mistaken belief that she killed his birth mother?

As seen in the past few weeks, Tripp has been asking questions and watching carefully as Kayla takes notes about her patients on a tablet. Could he tamper with those digital notes and end up causing a medical mistake? Not only would Kayla be held responsible, but a patient’s life could be at risk if he is not careful.

On Monday’s episode of Days Of Our Lives, spoilers tease that Joey will come to Jade’s defense. The details are not revealed, but this is just a bad idea. Joey wants to be kind to his ex-girlfriend and feels bad about her rotten life, but this will only continue to give her hope. Despite Joey’s honesty, Jade still believes that one day, they will be together again. There is also the whole issue of Jade fueling Tripp’s anger toward Kayla about Ava’s death. As viewers know, Kayla had nothing to do with Ava’s death. The killer was actually Tripp’s brother, Joey Johnson.

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DOOL spoilers from She Knows reveal that on June 30, Tripp will feel guilty while having a talk with Joey. The remorse must have something to do with his vendetta against Kayla. Will the guilt be enough for Tripp to take back what he has done? Or is it too late to save Kayla’s career?

On July 4, Joey will have a conversation with Tripp. It turns out he will make a confession about Ava. However, don’t assume Joey will reveal that he killed Tripp’s mother. It seems a bit early for that in the story. He must be admitting to something else that happened with Ava. However, the truth is going to come out soon. How will Tripp handle finding out that Joey is the one who killed his mother? How will he deal with Jade making him believe that Kayla was the one who murdered Ava?

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What do you think of these Days Of Our Lives spoilers? Can Tripp fix his mistake before it ruins Kayla’s career? Will the truth about Ava’s death and Jade’s deception be exposed?

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