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Former Manager Says Johnny Depp Was Aware He Was Bringing His Dogs Into Australia Illegally

Johnny Depp has landed himself in some hot water recently after joking about assassinating the sitting president, Donald Trump. But this isn’t the first time the actor has faced controversy, and many think his career should be over after the remarks about Trump and him being caught on film being violent with his ex, Amber Heard.

In May 2015, Johnny Depp was caught illegally bringing his dogs into Australia, who have a strict policy on allowing foreign dogs to enter the country because of the fact that they are an island. The United Kingdom also has similarly strict laws on allowing pets to enter the country.

However, his former business managers at The Management Group (TMG) say that Johnny Depp knew he was breaking the law by bringing them into the country.

They came to accompany him on set as he filmed one of The Pirates of the Caribbean films, but he quickly found out that even mega stars aren’t exempt from their dogs going through a check.

According to Johnny Depp, he alleged that his managers had obtained the necessary paperwork to allow them to enter the country with the dogs, but there had been a miscommunication with the team.

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Although Johnny Depp mysteriously got off scot-free, his ex-wife, Amber Heard, was charged for the incident. She was given one count of producing a false document and two counts of illegally importing dogs to Australia.

The maximum penalty for false importation is 10 years in prison and a fine of $102,000 AUD.

It was discovered the dogs were in the country when they were spotted in photos on Facebook at a dog grooming salon in Australia. As a result, they were told the dogs would have to return home or be put to sleep, and the dogs were then sent back to the United States.

The couple produced an apology video that was played in court, which helped get Amber off the hook for the charges, which could have been extremely severe had they gone through.

According to representatives from his business management company, he had pressured them to take the heat for his mistakes.


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