Ryan Murphy and Lady Gaga, American Horror Story

‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 Shocker: Lady Gaga Signs On For An Unspecified Role?

American Horror Story will return in September for Season 7. Showrunner, Ryan Murphy revealed that the theme of the new season would be “loosely based on the 2016 election.” Previously, Murphy stated that Lady Gaga would not be able to fit in an appearance on American Horror Story, due to her tour coming up. According to AHS Leaks, the rumor is that Lady Gaga will appear in Season 7 in an unspecified role.

Lady Gaga Found Time For AHS

AHS Leaks posted that in the newest issue of Vogue, Lady Gaga claims that she will appear in Season 7. She disclosed that her role would not be the main character, but she will have a minor, unspecified role. For many American Horror Story fans, that makes them extremely happy. If her role is anything like Season 6, she will appear in just a few scenes to allow time to get ready for her world- tour.

Ryan Murphy Surprised By Lady Gaga’s Return?

A few months ago, Huffington Post stated that Murphy didn’t think that Gaga would appear on American Horror Story this season because of her busy tour schedule. He expressed how he wanted to work with her again. At that time, Ryan wasn’t sure if Lady Gaga would ever be able to fit in AHS in her busy life.

Apparently, Murphy said it takes at least six weeks to tape a season and, for someone like Gaga, who is extremely busy, it is a lot to ask of them.

The “Joanne” singer wasn’t ready to say goodbye to American Horror Story, yet. She made room to fit the series in her schedule and allegedly compromised for a much smaller role.

Election-Themed Season

Ryan hasn’t revealed much about Season 7 so far. He said that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters would be the lead actors of the series. He has given a few teasers but nothing substantial that gives the AHS fans any real idea about the plot of the season.

American Horror Story fans, are you excited that Lady Gaga could be returning for Season 7? If so, what role do you think she will play?

American Horror Story returns to FX in September.

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