Kelly Osbourne has a bathroom wardrobe malfunction, shares photos of ill-fitting dress.

Kelly Osbourne Gets Stuck In Ill-Fitting Sample Size Dress For 20 Minutes

Kelly Osbourne reportedly learned the hard way that all sample sizes are not created equal – nor are they intended for every person, every frame or every…behind. Daughter of rock legend Ozzy and former star of the reality TV hit The Osbournes, the 32-year-old found herself struggling in a bathroom with an ill-fitting black dress stuck around her hips for nearly half an hour – and she took to Instagram to share her fashion woes with the world.

In an Instagram post featuring Kelly Osbourne’s backside clad in nothing more than a bra, panties, and a seemingly irremovable black dress. the star lamented the last 20 minutes she’d spent trying to get the offending piece of fabric off of her well-endowed body. According to the caption on the photo, the problem all boiled down to “When the dress is too big for your body but too small for your a**.”

“When the dress is too big for your body but too small for your a**. I’ve been in this bathroom for 20 minutes trying to get it off!”

Indeed, Osbourne’s frustration is apparent in her body’s posture as she holds up her hair to clearly illustrate the problem at hand. It’s unclear who snapped the shot, which was posted to Kelly Osbourne’s Instagram and Twitter on Friday.

This isn’t the first time that Kelly Osbourne, who has publicly struggled with her weight and body-shaming in the past, has spoken out about body image. And her own personal struggles with insecurity when it comes to her own appearance.

In a public message shared last year, Kelly Osbourne admitted that she’s come to terms with not being “the skinniest, the prettiest, the smartest, the funniest, the tallest or the best at anything.” According to Osbourne, someone’s always going to better, and not just better than her, but better than everyone. In fact, Kelly Osbourne claimed at the time that she wished that females would stop competing with one another and instead become allies.

“I discovered that I never wanted to be the skinniest, the prettiest, the smartest, the funniest, the tallest [or] the best at anything! Because you know what? There will always be someone ‘better.’ You can’t change who you are, but you can change your actions. My wish is that girls and women stop competing with each other and learn that we are our best allies.”

Despite her past words about not being able to change who we are, however, some of Kelly’s Instagram followers noticed something peculiar about the photo of the actress stuck in the unfortunate sample size dress Namely, they claimed that the bathroom wall in the photo is “warped,” a clear indication of Photoshopping. According to her followers, they were unimpressed with Kelly Osbourne’s apparent attempt at trickery.


“binkybeanoWhy the need to photoshop your waist…so damn unnecessary”

To her credit, Osbourne hasn’t admitted to attempting to make her waist look smaller. Nor has Kelly mentioned whether or not she ever got her hands on a similar dress in the proper size.

[Featured Image by Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP Images]