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Abby Lee Miller Breaks The Law Twice In One Day Ahead Of Prison Check-In

Abby Lee Miller will be checking into prison in less than one week, and one would think that she would be on the straight and narrow leading up to self-surrender. However, Abby Lee Miller has managed to break the law twice in one day, and it was all caught by paparazzi.

First, the reality star and Dance Moms alum was caught parking in a disabled spot at an unknown location. But she didn’t just park in the spot designated for disabled motorists, but in the space assigned for those who have wheelchairs and other equipment so that they have room to get it out of their cars.

Later in the day, Abby Lee Miller was seen at a restaurant, where she parked in front of a driveway, partially blocking the entrance to the establishment.

While parking in Los Angeles is notoriously difficult, there is still no excuse for these kinds of snafus, especially by someone who is going to jail in the next few days. It is unknown if she received citations for these incidents, but if she did, they could run her up to $1,000.

The star, however, has recently had to pay $160,000 in fees after she was found guilty of fraud and bankruptcy.

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The reality TV star was found guilty of concealing $775,000 worth of assets when she filed for bankruptcy and for bringing money from Australia over the border to the United States undeclared. As per United States law, anyone carrying over $10,000 cash on their person at a border must declare it, but Abby Lee Miller did not.

Although she is going to jail, she is trying to look at it in a positive light. The Dance Moms alum has already said she wants to focus on herself during her time locked away, instead of always taking care of everyone else.

She will also be writing a juicy tell-all about Dance Moms and spilling all of her secrets, which fans will definitely be looking forward to. Additionally, she will be working on a new scripted series she claims has already been optioned, which she says is where Dance Moms left off.

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