Aaron Carter Hospitalized: Singer Calls Fans Out For 'Body-Shaming' And Bullying

Aaron Carter Hospitalized: Singer Calls Fans Out For ‘Body-Shaming’ And Bullying

Aaron Carter’s recent hospitalization has a lot of fans worried about the health of the 29-year-old singer. And while he explained the hospital stay as a routine check-up he needed after a long round of shows, it comes after Carter went on a Twitter rant about how some fans have supposedly been body-shaming him for his unusually skinny frame.

It’s been a rough stretch in recent weeks for the 29-year-old Aaron, younger brother to Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter, and an established solo singer in his own right. It’s been little more than a month since his father Bob had unexpectedly passed away, and June 6 would have been the birthday of Nick and Aaron’s late sister Leslie, who had died in 2012 of a drug overdose, aged only 25. And with Aaron Carter’s hospitalization, things have continued to be tough for the “Crush On You” singer, according to a new report from People.

The People report suggests that Carter was hospitalized on Thursday for exhaustion following a performance for radio station HOT 107.9 in Syracuse. The one-time teen idol then shared photos of himself bound to a wheelchair and on a hospital bed, adding in a tweet that he just needed to get a check-up and make sure he “stays strong” after going through a hectic schedule of shows.

While Aaron Carter appeared in good spirits despite being hospitalized, People noted that he did get quite worked up earlier on Thursday evening, blasting off several tweets where he admitted to being hurt by fans’ negative comments about his physical appearance.

“I’m entirely hurt by a so-called fan that I just encountered she wasn’t realizing I was listening, she said I look like I have cancer. A grown woman was gossiping about me when I have a eating disorder, telling people I need to eat 5 cheeseburgers cause I look like I’m dying. This is body shaming. You guys are bullying me. I’ve already addressed my medical issues.”

The next day, Carter continued his Twitter rants about being body-shamed by his fans, saying in one tweet that he’s sorry he isn’t “fat enough for (his) fake fans.” He added that he feels like he’s being bullied to the point that he is now receiving hate messages and even death threats.

“Been in the hospital three times this month, dealing with health issues and broken fingers as well as things I can’t legally discuss. Do I have to do a spinal tap to prove to people? They’re trolling me and causing me so much insecurities.”

The alleged bullying and body-shaming comes one month after Carter explained the reason why he has such a skinny frame — at 19-years-old, he was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, which has since made it hard for him to eat food and put on weight, according to Radar Online.

As Radar Online further pointed out, Aaron Carter’s hospitalization is just the latest challenge the former teen idol has gone through since entering adulthood. In 2011, Aaron cited “emotional and spiritual issues” when he checked into rehab, while in 2015, he caused outrage among fans when he took to Twitter to claim that he is the “white Michael Jackson,” and that the late King of Pop had supposedly “passed down the torch” to him.

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