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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden And Finn Plot to Take Down Obrecht – ‘GH’ Video Promo!

General Hospital spoilers from a hot new GH promo video show that Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) has messed with the wrong baby mama. Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) has had enough of Dr. O and knows that the dubious doc is plotting to get her honey Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) fired from the hospital. Hayden won’t stand for it and plots to take down Obrecht.

Hayden brings in bestie Curtis to help

Hayden isn’t alone in her battle to expose Obrecht. GH spoilers for next week say she brings in Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) for an assist. Hayden, Finn, and Curtis meet at the Quartermaine mansion for a strategy session. The new GH promo has Hayden telling the guys that they’re all in agreement that they must prove Dr. O has been switching Finn’s test to show that he’s using drugs even though he’s clean.

But just as Finn, Hayden, and Curtis are about to get down to the business of plotting to take down the sneaky German doc, Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) finds the trio scheming in her living room. Monica tells them she knows she walked in on something and Hayden tries to cover and write off the impromptu get together as friends just chilling.

Donnell Turner stars as GH's Curtis Ashford
GH’s Curtis plots with Hayden and Finn [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

Monica calls out the schemers

The new General Hospital spoilers video has Monica calling them out and telling them, “This house has hatched more schemes than the CIA” and warns them to come clean because she’s seen it all.

Hayden considers keeping the plot hidden, but her baby daddy Finn thinks Monica is owed the truth and reminds Hayden that Monica has been good to him and says they owe her the truth. Hayden warns Finn that the scheme might get him fired, but Finn is insistent. After that shocker, Monica tells the gang that they need to come clean on what’s going on under her roof.

Finn tells his boss and friend, “I believe a doctor at the hospital has been tampering with my drug screens to make it look like I’m still using” and Monica wants to know if he has any proof to back up that serious accusation.

General Hospital Curtis’ role in the plot revealed

Curtis tells Monica his role is to “collect evidence” of Obrecht’s subterfuge. Finn reassures Monica that they will only go after the culprit with her permission, although it’s evident that Hayden wasn’t going to let Dr. Quartermaine in on what they were planning. Monica is stunned and wants to know if they’re asking her permission to plot against one of her doctors at General Hospital.

Finn quickly tells Monica that it’s not just any old GH doctor, but evil Obrecht. Monica instantly changes her tune once she realizes who it is that’s their target. Monica wants to know what’s their plan. Obviously, there will be a set up to expose Obrecht for her test tampering, and Curtis is just the guy to do it. Monica plays along and keeps watch to help as the trio lays their trap.

Obrecht defeated – leaves GH in disgrace?

More General Hospital spoilers reveal that in the week of July 3, Obrecht is caught out for her drug test tampering. Monica comes out of the confrontation a hero, reveal GH spoilers from Soap Central. Persistent rumors about the ABC soap say at least one character will exit over the summer. With Obrecht slated for firing because of her scheme against Dr. Finn, Kathleen Gati might exit.

General Hospital viewers know Kathleen Gati is only recurring, not a contract player, so it seems a shame to lose a great character from the ABC soap for such a flimsy reason. Obrecht is always welcome at Christmas when she scares tots with her Krampus antics and during her annual efforts to take over the Nurses Ball. Let’s hope if Monica fires Dr. O from GH, the doc will come back again at some point.

Will you miss Dr. Obrecht if this is her final GH plot? Click to watch the hot new GH video promo. Check back for more General Hospital spoilers on this and other upcoming plots.

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