Bachelor in paradise will now inspect luggage for drugs

Bachelor In Paradise Has A New Rule: Contestants’ Luggage Will Be Searched For Legal And Illegal Drugs

The Bachelor In Paradise producers have introduced a new rule to all contestants: their bags will be searched for drugs, both prescription and illegal, and all of them will be confiscated, no questions asked.

As TMZ reported, the new rule, which the celebrity gossip website found out about by obtaining an email from the producers, goes into effect immediately, as the contestants re-convene in Mexico for shooting of the popular series.

As you are no doubt aware, production of the upcoming season of BIP was shut down, temporarily anyway, earlier this month. As ET Online reported at the time, allegations of sexual misconduct between two contestants, Bachelor villainess Corinne Olympios and previous Bachelor competitor DeMario Jackson, came to the surface. To this day, what happened between the two remains unclear, but it appears that the two were engaged in consensual sexual activity around a pool, possibly after quite a bit of alcohol. Even though whatever was going on between the two was consensual, a “third party,” believed to be a show producer, complained, and the decision was made to shut down production and launch an investigation.

A later investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing, and production resumed.

For reasons that can only be speculated about, however, from now on, contestants will have their luggage checked, and their drugs confiscated, before production.

“Upon your arrival, your bags will be inventoried specifically for any over the counter and prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you.”

That’s not to say that those contestants who take prescription drugs will have to do without; a nurse on site will, from now on, dispense prescription medications to the contestants.

Producers claim the new policy has nothing to do with Corinne and DeMario’s shenanigans; and for the record, no illegal drugs played a role in what happened. In fact, the only drug that had anything to do with the “scandal” was a perfectly legal one, provided to the contestants for free by the producers: alcohol.

However, it does seem that Bachelor In Paradise producers would like to keep their contestants on a tighter leash moving forward, and, apparently, that means inspecting contestants’ luggage for drugs.

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