Pokemon GO Raid Battles what are egg colors and times

‘Pokemon GO’ Raid Battles: What Are Egg Colors And Times Below Eggs In New Raids Feature?

The new Pokemon GO Raid Battles feature is taking the hit mobile game by storm. The latest update to the popular Pokemon game allows for a multiplayer battle system where players can team up to defeat Raid Bosses. Raid Battles were first available in beta only, but have now been unveiled to all players of the hit mobile game. With that new feature comes a few new indicators and symbols that some players may be wondering about, including egg colors and times that are displayed below the eggs near the raid screen.

As reported by Heavy on Friday, the egg color in the game refers to a Raid Boss’s level of difficulty with the main colors so far being pink and yellow. The lower level bosses are indicated by pink eggs, showing that they are one or two stars. A slightly higher-level boss is indicated by a yellow egg as a three or four-star Raid Boss. There is also a rare third colored egg, as dark blue eggs will indicate a five-star Raid Boss, the toughest of the bunch. These high-level dark blue eggs have yet to be discovered by players and could be part of a future addition to the Pokemon GO Raid Battles in the game.

Pokemon Go Raid battles feature multiplayer battle raid bosses
The Pokemon GO Raid Battles are a new multiplayer feature where gamers team up to battle Raid Bosses. [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

There are also times listed under eggs. These are simply used to show players what time a Raid Battle will start. The times underneath eggs are shown in military time, so 17:00 refers to a Raid Battle beginning at 5 p.m., 18:00 refers to a Raid Battle starting at 6 p.m., and so forth. There is also a timer displayed above a gym, which is a countdown timer that stops once the Raid Battle has been finished.

Players need to keep in mind that Raid Battles are available to those Pokemon GO players at experience level 25 or higher right now. In addition, a Raid Battle notification won’t show up on a player’s game unless they’re close enough to the gym for it to appear on their game map. So players will need to be pretty close in proximity to the gym in order to not miss out on a battle.

Pokemon Go Raid Battles players must be level 25 near gym
Pokemon GO players must be close enough for a gym to appear on their map to get a Raid Battle notification. [Image by Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images]

The new Pokemon GO Raid Battles feature has brought plenty of excitement as part of the summer update for the hit game, despite early confusion or gripes. Niantic Labs began to roll out the newest features over the past week or so, with gyms disabled for a little while to make the updates.

Initially, the Raid Battles were offered as a beta feature for players at level 30. As Forbes reported, the level requirement for Raid Battles was lowered to 28, and more recently to 25, with expectations that a “permanent level requirement” will soon be set for players who want to participate in the battle feature.

With the excitement of the new Raid Battles feature, many fans of the Pokemon GO game are still eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Legendary Pokemon addition in the future to really take their gaming experience to the next level.

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]