Michelle Carter is overcome with emotion as she hears the verdict

Michelle Carter, Who Encouraged Her Boyfriend To Commit Suicide, Out On Bond And Getting A Tan

Although Michelle Carter was convicted of manslaughter, it hasn’t stopped her from her regular beauty routine as she gets ready to head to prison. The Teen Text Killer was spotted out and about yesterday in a casual tee and shorts as she visited her local tanning salon. As she was not judged a flight risk, the judge is allowing her to remain free on bond.

As she faces up to to 20 years behind bars, this may be the last time Michelle Carter gets to catch some of those artificial UV rays for quite some time.

Michelle Carter urged her suicidal boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to kill himself in 2014 by sending him a series of text messages persuading him to take his own life. According to friends and family, she relished the role of “grieving girlfriend” and wanted the attention bestowed on her for having her boyfriend die.

Roy eventually took his life, with the indirect help of Michelle Carter, in a Kmart parking lot on July 12, 2014.

The text messages that were taken in evidence by the court were very bizarre in tone, to say the least. At first, Michelle Carter acted as though she wanted to help Roy, but then quickly told him to end his life and kept badgering him to do so sooner than later.

Michelle Carter listening to her defense attorney
Michelle Carter listens to her defense attorney argue for an involuntary manslaughter charge against her to be dismissed [Image by Peter Pereira/The New Bedford Standard Times/AP Image]

Michelle Carter’s defense attorney attempted to argue that she was innocent of manslaughter and that Conrad Roy’s death was a result of a volatile, and often violent, relationship with his father. Unfortunately for Carter, things didn’t go as planned for her and she ended up being charged and facing a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

The young woman told her boyfriend that family and friends would eventually get over his death and move on, so he should not worry about their well-being after he was gone. Roy’s mother contests Michelle Carter’s assertion and says that she will never ever forget her son no matter what.

Michelle Carter will be sentenced for her crimes on August 3, and until then, she has all the free time she needs to pamper herself and indulge in her beauty routine because in prison, you don’t get most of those services.

Michelle Carter cries as she is found guilty
Michelle Carter overcome with emotion at the guilty verdict. [Image by Glenn C.Silva/Fairhaven Neighborhood News, Pool/AP Images]

[Featured Image by Glenn C.Silva/Fairhaven Neighborhood News, Pool/AP Images]