Tyson Kidd Suffered A Career Ending Injury Over Two Years Ago

Tyson Kidd’s Future In Wrestling Remains Unknown, Latest Update On His Health Revealed

Over two years ago, Tyson Kidd suffered a severe neck injury during a match with Samoa Joe. Roughly 95 percent of the people that suffer the same injury become quadriplegics. He was lucky to even live, have the ability to walk, and continue his life without wrestling. However, Kidd was a magnificent talent during his WWE career. The WWE Universe is still curious if there is a chance that Tyson Kidd could wrestle again.

It was apparent two years ago that Kidd was extremely unlikely to ever wrestle another match in his life. The chances of him performing again are slim to none, but his status is still unconfirmed even two years later. It was reported recently that Davey Boy Smith, Jr. revealed the latest update regarding Tyson Kidd’s health.

“Is that to say he’s ever going to wrestle again? I don’t know. I don’t think so. That’s not because of him but there’s a lot of risks if something happens or if he lands wrong and he becomes basically a vegetable. And WWE, to their credit, they’re pretty good with keeping things with their rules nowadays, protecting talent and stuff like that. Daniel Bryan, or Bryan Danielson, he’s another example of they won’t let him back into the ring.”

Tyson Kidd's WWE Career is Likely over
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He went into further detail about how Kidd has been seeing a massage therapist and more, but the general gist is that it’s still extremely unlikely that he will be able to wrestle again. That severe of a neck injury would be a miracle to walk away from, so the idea of taking bumps and risking your life in the ring is ludicrous. It’s fair to say that WWE doctors would never think about medically clearing Tyson Kidd for a WWE return.

Tyson Kidd Has A Family To Consider Instead Of Wrestling
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The risk of getting back into the ring for any promotion is too much, especially when you consider that Kidd has a wife to think about and eventually a family. The WWE Universe will keep hope alive, but the likelihood of him returning to the ring is too low after two years of not wrestling. It’s a bitter pill to swallow because of the quality talent he had become. However, if Tyson Kidd himself can swallow it, so can the WWE Universe.

Unfortunately, Kidd was also taken off Total Divas as well. For the time being, he’ll remain a ghost on WWE programming. There is a chance he could become a trainer at the WWE Performance Center or possibly be on Raw or SmackDown Live as a non-active performer. You can never say never in this industry. However, the WWE Universe will just have to wait and see what the future holds for Tyson Kidd.

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