Trump Indictment: N.Y. Attorney General Rumored 'Mafia-Style' Prosecution Of Trump's Shady Business Dealings

Trump Indictment: N.Y. Attorney General Reportedly Plans ‘Mafia-Style’ Prosecution Of Shady Business Dealings

Donald Trump could face an indictment from New York’s attorney general, who is rumored to be planning a “Mafia-style” prosecution of the president’s shady business dealings that could leave his business empire dismantled.

There have been reports stretching back weeks that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is building a case against Trump for allegations of money laundering and connections to the Russian mob. This investigation allegedly exists independent of the ongoing FBI probe into the alleged ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian intelligence officials.

A new update on Schneiderman’s reported investigation has come from Claude Taylor, an independent journalist, who has shared details of the investigations with followers on Twitter. Taylor claimed that a source with knowledge of the investigation said the New York attorney general is planning an investigation that would leave the entire Trump organization dismantled.

Taylor is among a small group of independent journalists who have shared details of the investigations online. Louise Mensch, who has worked with Taylor on a number of stories, wrote earlier that Schneiderman was building a case that was “based on the activities of Russian mobsters like Semion Moglievich who lived in Trump Tower, Russian oligarchs, and others.”

She noted that Schneiderman has been working with federal authorities on some aspects of the case.

“Upon his own judgement and belief, Schneiderman decided that his case touched both Federal issues, and issues of National Security. He took his case to the Federal authorities,” Mensch wrote on her site, Patribotics.

“While the appropriate Federal District can often be location-based, if a federal case is to start on the same factual basis, the court chosen can also be based on subject matter. Because National Security is involved, Schneiderman brought his case to FISC to be heard.”

As Tayor reported of the current investigation, it could stretch to Trump’s children as well.

While Mensch and Taylor have gained a large following online, they have also been criticized for speculative reports and other revelations that have not panned out. Many, including the Observer, have painted them as left-leaning conspiracy theorists.

But amid the unconfirmed reports, both Mensch and Taylor have broken some major aspects of the investigation including identifying Jared Kushner as the then-unnamed person of interest in the FBI investigation. This revelation was later confirmed by other media outlets.

Taylor has reported in the past that Eric Schneiderman delivered a sealed indictment now being held in the Eastern District of Virginia, one that will serve as the basis for Trump’s impeachment. This indictment is reportedly based on a RICO investigation of Trump’s business dealing.

Donald Trump and Eric Schneiderman have a long history together, with the New York attorney general taking on the real estate magnate for his Trump University and Donald Trump responding with an ethics complaint claiming Trump tried to solicit a donation in exchange for making the case go away. That complaint was dismissed, Politico reported.

There is not yet any independent confirmation of Eric Schneiderman’s reported RICO-style investigation or the existence of an indictment of Donald Trump, but the New York attorney general has confirmed that the Eric Trump Foundation is facing an investigation.

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