lauren graham wants a gilmore girls christmas movie.

‘Gilmore Girls’: Lauren Graham Wants To Do A Christmas Movie

Gilmore Girls fans have been wondering if the revival will return for more episodes in the future, and actress Lauren Graham seems to be on board with the idea of reprising the character of Lorelei Gilmore. However, she has a very specific idea for what the next step in the franchise should be.

Warning: Major spoilers for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life below.

According to Cinema Blend, Lauren Graham thinks that if Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix, the franchise should come back with a Christmas movie. Graham recently revealed in an interview that she would love to make a holiday film as Lorelei whether that may be five or 10 years down the road.

“To me, what would be a great next step- whenever it is, five years, ten years- would be a Christmas movie.”

Gilmore Girls ran from 2000 to 2007 but came back for four 90-minute episodes for the Netflix revival, titled A Year in the Life. During the revival each season was represented as Lorelei and her daughter Rory navigated through their present-day life, which tackled subjects like pregnancy, death, marriage, and the always constant mother/daughter relationship.

The final episode of the Gilmore Girls revival ended in a major cliffhanger when Luke and Lorelei finally got married and Rory told her mother that she was pregnant. There was no other exchange after that, simply the reveal that Rory was expecting her first child, and fans are dying to know who the father of the baby is. There are four possible candidates to be the father of Rory’s baby. Rory’s boyfriend, Paul; her ex-boyfriend Logan, with whom she had been carrying on an affair; the man she had a one-night stand with; and Jess, another ex-boyfriend.

lauren graham wants a gilmore girls christmas movie.
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While it doesn’t seem that Jess is the father, it seems that the most likely person to be the father of Rory’s baby is Logan, who is engaged to another woman. Many fans think that Rory is following in the footsteps of her mother by getting pregnant by her rich best friend/boyfriend, but that she’ll end up with Jess, who will help her raise the child like Luke helped Lorelei.

A Gilmore Girls Christmas movie would likely be beloved by fans, but for now viewers are just hoping for confirmation that the series will be back in any form to give them closure about Rory’s pregnancy bombshell.

lauren graham wants a gilmore girls christmas movie.
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What are your thoughts on the possibility of seeing Stars Hollows at Christmas during a Gilmore Girls holiday movie?

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