Ben is acting spoiled and selfish?

Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Divorce: Ben Acting Like Selfish Child

The divorce proceedings are finally under way between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck after nearly two years of separation. The pair announced they were separating back on June 30, 2015, and over a period of a year and a half, they remained on the same property and had many wondering if the divorce would ever happen.

Recently, the estranged couple finally filed for divorce, and it was said that the reason they had taken so long to file involved Affleck’s issues with addiction. Jen had reportedly not wanted to cause too much distress in the life of her ex and wanted to support Ben through rehab for his addiction to alcohol. Asking him to leave their home and divorcing him immediately would have been too difficult for the Argo star, a source recently stated.

However, now it seems that Jen is fed up with Affleck’s reaction to the divorce proceeding. Ben is said to be acting a bit like a “spoiled child” as In Touch states, adding that the actor was not a fan of the divorce proceedings commencing.

A source reportedly spoke exclusively with the tabloid about Ben’s recent “selfish” ways towards Garner and their three children.

“Ben is very upset that the divorce is proceeding” and is apparently far from civil at times, the insider states. “Pals say Ben is angry and jealous because he’s no longer the center of Jen’s world, and Jen’s fed up.”

One major topic of disagreement involves Affleck’s inability to abide by the set schedule they have for looking after the kids. The source insists that Affleck wanted to change which day he was to pick up their three children from school, but that Garner wasn’t having it because she had already made arrangements and appointments for them.

Despite this, the estranged couple is doing their best to both show up to school functions as a family and to co-parent amicably. The new situation obviously will take some getting used to for both Ben and Jennifer. Affleck, who had resided on the family estate before filing for divorce, has since moved to his own bachelor pad.

Jennifer Garner is reportedly doing her best to move forward. She is spending time with her friends and on her career. However, Ben doesn’t seem to be a fan of Jen spending her nights out with friends.

In Touch notes the words of the insider about Garner’s social life.

“She’s been enjoying evenings out with girlfriends, which hasn’t gone down well with Ben,” says the source. “Ben bombards her with questions about what she’s up to. His jealous behavior drives Jen crazy because she’s doing nothing wrong, and what she does in her personal time is none of his business.”

Based on Jen’s words to Vanity Fair a year back, she still has a lot of love for Affleck, and reports have claimed that the beauty is not ready to date again just yet.

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