Chris Cornell death and final music video The Promise

Watch Chris Cornell’s Powerful & Final Music Video, And How Celebrities Are Vowing To Keep ‘The Promise’

When the news of Chris Cornell’s death hit, fans everywhere mourned with his family and friends. The music world has been shaken to its core following the death of Chris Cornell, but now fans have one more thing to remember him by as his final music video, “The Promise,” was recently released. Many friends and relatives of the singer, including his widow Vicky, are stunned that Chris Cornell’s death has been ruled as a suicide. Reportedly, Cornell was happy and optimistic the week of his death, and Vicky believed that prescription medication contributed to her husband’s actions.

The autopsy report ruled that even though drugs were found in Cornell’s body — including anxiety medication, barbiturates, and naloxone (used to stop opioid overdoses) — they weren’t a contributing factor to his suicide. But many fans, friends, and family members of the late singer strongly disagree with that conclusion (and many reject that it was suicide altogether). As the world continues to mourn the loss of Chris Cornell and try to make some sense out of it, many fans have taken to the artist’s music for consolation. And now they have one last video from the late artist to help comfort them.

Chris Cornell: “The Promise” Video

“The Promise” was written for the 2016 movie by the same name which centered on the Armenian Genocide from 1915-1917. As Guitar World reported upon the single’s release in March, Chris Cornell relayed that “The Promise” pays homage to those lives lost during the Armenian Genocide, and how it’s also about raising awareness on current atrocities. In the same interview, Chris Cornell expounded on the latter.

“The same methods used in the Armenian genocide were used to carry out crimes against humanity in Bosnia, Darfur, Rwanda and right now in Syria on multiple fronts, contributing to a massive global refugee crisis. Unfortunately, the words ‘never again’ seem like just words when we recall these mass executions of the 20th century, as well as renewed racism and prejudice around the world. Even in the U.S., the warning signs—isolating groups based on race and religion—are evident.”

Chris Cornell death and final music video The Promise
Funeral service for Chris Cornell [Image by David McNew/Getty Images]

Per his usual generosity and giving heart, Chris Cornell had arranged for the proceeds from the song to go to various charities to help children in need. In the video below for Chris Cornell’s “The Promise,” footage of refugees from around the world are shown in between shots of Chris singing and playing the guitar.

Chris Cornell: #KeepThePromise

Chris and his wife had traveled to other countries (including Greece last April) visiting and assisting refugee camps. They formed the Chris & Vicky Cornell Foundation in 2012, and its mission is to protect the most vulnerable children. The couple wanted to shine a brighter light on the needs of children, and they did just that.

Chris Cornell death and final music video The Promise
Chris & Vicky Cornell [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

In keeping with Chris Cornell’s giving spirit, many of his celebrity friends recorded a new video to spread awareness with the hashtag #KeepThePromise. The video pays homage to Chris and to his mission of helping the world’s most vulnerable children. The celebrities that partook in the video, vowing to #KeepThePromise, include Elton John, Pharrell Williams, Cher, Josh Brolin, Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hanks, and Serj Tankian (who assisted Cornell with the music for “The Promise”). The last scene in the video features a touching message from Chris Cornell.

Chris will be remembered for his incredible talent as an artist, his music that touched the lives of millions, and his giving heart. Even after his death, Chris Cornell’s message to help children in need continues to spread worldwide.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]