Is Jinger Duggar pregnant?

Jinger Duggar Pregnancy News: Jill Asks Sister If She’s Expecting, ‘Counting On’ Family Looks Anxious

This is sure to be a massive update for fans. The latest sneak peek of TLC’s Counting On hints that the Duggar family could be expecting a new member soon. No, it’s not Jill Duggar we’re talking about. Everybody already knows that the Duggar sister is expecting her second child in July. This time, the focus is on Jinger.

Jinger had a brief courtship period with Jeremy Vuolo and then got married to him in November of last year. According to Vuolo, it was a dream come true. However, it’s been more than six months since they got married, and fans are now curious if Jinger will have a baby sometime soon.

Jinger’s sisters are no less curious. In the special sneak peek of Monday’s episode, the Duggar sisters are video chatting for the first time together since Jinger’s wedding. As the 23-year-old looks excited for the group chat, she encounters an obvious question.

Jinger is now physically separated from her sisters since she has started living in Texas. She talks about how much she misses her family in Arkansas and says she misses talking to her sisters late at night in the girls’ room.

In the Counting On sneak peek, she definitely gets a chance to have a girly chat with her sisters, so it was obvious that the question of her possible pregnancy would eventually pop up.

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Jill cannot resist posing the question to her sister. Jessa, who gave birth to her second child in February, immediately clarifies to the camera that she asked her sisters not to ask the question during the chat. Jinger, meanwhile, looks totally taken aback by the question.

There is an awkward silence among the Duggar sisters for a while. As Jinger tries to find words to fill in the awkward silence, her sisters ask for more details. They ask if Jinger has taken the pregnancy test yet.

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Jessa hints that the question should not be an embarrassing one in her family. She says that it is “just a question” in her family, Us Weekly reports. The family anxiously waits for Jinger’s answer. However, fans can only hear her reply in the coming episode.

The next episode of Counting On will air at 9 p.m. on June 26.

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