Chicken Nuggets

Missing Chicken Nugget Sends Woman Over The Edge, She Allegedly Pulls Gun On Fast-Food Employees

Police said a woman pulled a gun on the employees of a fast-food restaurant over a missing chicken nugget.

The incident took place at an unnamed fast-food establishment in Washington state. The woman first became irritated with the long line at the drive-through. When she rolled up to the window, she complained that she didn’t get her drink right away. Tensions mounted when the assailant checked her drink and said there was something in it.

“When the suspect vehicle pulled up to the window, they immediately had an attitude.”

Discovering that her order was short by one chicken nugget sent her over the edge. Witnesses said she began the assault by throwing her drink through the drive-through window. She then got out of the vehicle and began punching the drive-through window.

According to reports, when the frightened employees finally peeked out of the restaurant, they discovered that she was still there but with a black handgun. She allegedly pointed the gun at the employees who had shorted her a chicken nugget.

Statements from the police report describe the scene.

“The employees returning to the window were greeted by a black handgun pointing at them.”

The fast-food workers hid and called the police.

Missing Chicken Nugget.
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When police arrived, some of the employees were crying. The car had long since driven away, but police were able to track it down to the home where it was registered and found it parked in the driveway.

Police looked in the window and saw a man and a woman in the house. But when the man and woman saw the cops, they hid. Eventually, they opened the door.

The man took off running. He was tackled by police and taken into custody. Police couldn’t find the woman right away as she was hiding in the attic.

Handgun Pulled over missing chicken nugget.
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The 19-year-old assailant is accused of second-degree assault for pointing a gun at fast-food workers, seemingly over a missing chicken nugget. Although she expressed frustration with the fast-food employees for multiple transgressions, it was alleged that the missing chicken nugget that sent her over the edge. She pleaded not guilty to the charges and has been jailed in lieu of $75,000 bail.

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