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Depp Apologizes For Trump Assassination Joke, Says It Didn’t Come Out Like He Meant It

Johnny Depp issued an apology earlier today after his joke about assassinating President Trump didn’t go over too well. The famous actor made the comment at Glastonbury Music Festival in the United Kingdom, asking the audience, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

The question was not necessarily meant to be rhetorical, as he has clarified he was referring to John Wilkes Booth, the stage actor who killed President Lincoln during a play in 1865.

Depp clarified on the Glastonbury stage that he is not an actor, instead he lies for a living. But he did quantify that perhaps it was time an actor stepped up to assassinate the president.

He apologized via People Magazine earlier today.

“It did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice. I was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone.”

His joke, however, fell extremely short, especially since the White House responded in a way the suggested they took his comment seriously. They also stated that Trump condemns violence in all forms, and that they would have hoped actor and influencer Johnny Depp would have followed the president’s lead and done the same.

The White House also urged Hollywood colleagues of Depp to be as opposed to his comments as if he had said them about a “Democrat Official.”

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Johnny Depp mentioned Trump when he introduced his film Libertine, made in 2004, saying that he thinks the president needs help, a sentiment that is common throughout Hollywood.

Although Depp’s comments were off-color, like Kathy Griffin, who posed with the bloody disembodied head of Donald Trump, he is now possibly being formally investigated by the Secret Service. They have not stated whether or not his apology will be considered if the investigation goes any further.

Johnny Depp is no stranger to legal trouble. He is accused of allegedly being violent with his ex, Amber Heard, and many are calling for his domestic abuse claims against him to be taken as seriously as people have taken the assassination jokes. And although he was charged with domestic violence, his career still seems to move unscathed ever since it happened, which has angered many groups, especially those who advocate for domestic violence survivors.

It was recently pointed out that nine times more people die every year from domestic violence than terrorist attacks, yet terrorist attacks are still ruled as a bigger threat.

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