Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt at Paley Center Roundtable

Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag To Teach Son What They Shouldn’t Have Done

It’s a baby boom for The Hills alums, as former cast members Heidi Montag, Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad are all expecting at the same time. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag recently sat down to talk about how excited they are about their bundle of joy and what they plan to teach him.

The pair announced they were expecting a baby in mid-April, and Heidi Montag has stated that she is really glad she waited until she was in her 30s to become a mom. She now feels totally ready, unlike that time she had a pregnancy scare with Spencer Pratt way back in the olden days of The Hills.

Spencer Pratt admitted that when Heidi first told him she was expecting a baby, he thought she was going to tell him she had made a really yummy batch of banana bread. Instead, she dropped the bombshell that they were expecting their first child together.

The pair, who are expecting a boy, have made their share of bad decisions. After becoming the show’s villains, the couple were unable to control their spending habits and went bankrupt, leaving Speidi (their couple name) to move in with Heidi’s parents until they got back on their feet.

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“I’ll be able to teach my son [about] all the things that I shouldn’t have done. I don’t regret all my bad decisions because I’m going to use them for good,” Spencer said.

The couple are expecting their son in October, and are ready to teach him right from wrong.

Although they know they are expecting a baby boy, the couple are having trouble deciding on a name for him. Heidi has been partial to the name “Graham” but her husband isn’t so fond of the name.

Heidi revealed that she and Spencer Pratt are elated that they are having a baby boy. She says she wants to expand their family further in the future and have a baby girl, but at the moment, they are content with what God has given them.

She says having a son will come more naturally for Spencer Pratt because he and his own father are extremely close.

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