Kate and Harry are like brother and sister

Kate Middleton Will Often Pop A Chicken In Oven For Harry: Close Digs At Kensington Palace

Kate Middleton lives in a very luxurious palace with 22 rooms made into an apartment for her family of four to call their own. These 22 rooms house Kate, William, George, and Charlotte, as this is their private living quarters inside Kensington Palace. While they have the privacy of their own apartment on the premises, they are not alone when it comes to others who are sporting royal titles.

Did you know there are 50 separate apartments and cottages that make up the address that Kate, William, and the kids call home? Some of the more notable names that hang their crowns and tiaras at Kensington Palace are listed below in this article.

Prince Harry also lives at Kensington Palace, his digs consist of a cottage with two bedrooms, which is in close proximity to his older brother and sister-in-law. This allows Harry the ease of travel when it comes to popping in to see his brother, Kate and his niece and nephew.

Harry is a welcomed guest in William and Kate’s home and while he has another title, as a brother-in-law to Kate, they share a bond that is more like brother and sister. According to Today News, Harry considers Kate the big sister he has never had.

Harry recently opened up about how he sometimes feels like he is living in a goldfish bowl, but within the confines of Kensington Palace, he is just one of the family. He is Uncle Harry to William and Kate’s two little ones and his relationship with Kate sounds very special from the way Harry explains the role she plays in his life.

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Harry was just 12 when his mom died and as you know from his recent interviews, Harry suffered in more ways than he realized for the years that followed. Harry couldn’t fill the “emotional hole” that was left from the death of his mother. Harry credits Kate with filling in “some of that gap.”

Harry will pop in and Kate will often cook him a meal, with roast chicken being a reported favorite for him. While Kate is in no way a mother figure for Harry, she’s a special woman in his family. Harry shares how he grew up without having someone that he could lean on emotionally, having Kate within their family has changed things for the better with Harry.

Living at Kensington Palace is far from the type of commune setup that was big back in the 1970s, although it has a few of the factors that were seen back then. Some of the people living on this same plot of land do share a common cause. Kate, William, and Harry have partnered up to do the best that they can for charity. According to reports Kensington Palace has its fair share of royalty housed there, with even a couple noted as royal “free-loaders.”

Kensington Palace Has 50 separate resident homes
Kensington Palace [Image by AP Photo File/AP Images]
Kate and William are one of many families living inside Kensington Palace.
Kate and William’s Kensington Palace home is rarely seen in pictures, but when President Obama and Michelle Obama visited the royal couple in 2016, this is one of the pictures taken of the event inside their then new apartment 1 A. [Image by: KGC-375/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

So who does live at Kensington Palace? According to Woman and Home:

Apartment 1 A – Kate, William, George, and Charlotte occupy apartment 1 A. When Kate and William first moved to Kensington Palace, they occupied Nottingham Cottage, but after a $4.5 million spent on renovations, the 22-room apartment became home to Kate and Will.

Nottingham Cottage – With this cottage empty after Kate and William moved to the bigger digs of Apartment 1 A, Harry took over the residence located on the Kensington Palace grounds. Rumor has it that if girlfriend Meghan Markle moves in with Harry, a similar renovation of a Kensington Palace apartment may take place not too far from Kate and William’s apartment. This would eventually allow Harry and Meghan to move out and into bigger digs as well, according to Woman and Home.

Apartment 10 – This Kensington apartment is occupied by the Prince and Princess of Kent. Prince Michael of Kent is the Queen’s first cousin. According to the Express U.K., this couple has been “dubbed the Rent-a-Kents.” They are also known for their “regal freeloading” and the princess is dubbed “Princess Pushy.” She once was pushy enough that British Airways put on a special flight from Manchester to London just for her. She reportedly needed the flight so she could attend a private engagement, reports the article from Express U.K.

The Wren House – This is home to another first cousin to the Queen and his wife. The Duke and Duchess of Kent also live in this high-fluent housing project. Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent and his wife Katherine occupy these digs.

Apartment 1 – This apartment is home to the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. Prince Richard, who is the Duke of Gloucester is yet another cousin of the Queen. He lives in this apartment with his wife Brigitte.

Ivy Cottage – Will soon be home to Princess Eugenie, as she is expected to move out of the four-bedroom flat in St. James’ Palace and into this cottage at Kensington Palace. Eugenie is sharing that four-bedroom apartment at St. James’ Palace with her sister Beatrice, but at the Ivy Cottage, she will fly solo without her sister.

Kensington Palace: There is no shortage of housing when it comes to this palace that boasts 50 separate living residents that are filled with “military members, courtiers, staff, and a sprinkling of regular citizens who pay market rent for their royal dwelling,” according to Woman and Home.

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