Kate Beckinsale's Boyfriend Matt Rife Has Alleged History Of Offensive Tweets, But Has He Changed?

Kate Beckinsale’s Boyfriend Matt Rife Has Alleged History Of Offensive Tweets, But Has He Changed?

The tweets were initially unearthed last year, but now that Kate Beckinsale’s boyfriend Matt Rife is making news for his relationship with the much older British actress, a new report has reminded readers of the 21-year-old Matt’s alleged social media past. But more recent posts from Rife suggest a young man, who remains edgy in his preferred style of comedy, has seemingly mellowed with age.

According to a new report from Radar Online, Rife was first exposed in 2016, after it was discovered that the comedian and former MTV Wild N Out star apparently had a penchant for posting racist and homophobic content while in his late teens. Rife, who opened his Twitter account in April of 2011, reportedly started posting the offending tweets just months after joining, including some deleted content that Radar shared in its report.

“No I didn’t f***ing f****t!” Rife allegedly said on September 5, 2012, responding to a Twitter user who called him out for racist and “dark” jokes.

“F**k n***a that’s that s**t I don’t like.”

Another deleted tweet from 2011 purportedly had Kate Beckinsale’s new boyfriend using homophobic language as he referred to the hip-hop collective OFWGKTA, which actually stands for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

“OFWGKTA = Old F*****s Waiving Gay Kites Through Arkansas #TeamFunkVolume”

The tweets posted below remain active as of this writing and were also presented by Radar Online as further evidence that a then-teenage Matt Rife had been posting offensive content on social media.

As reported by Complex last year, Matt Rife’s alleged history of off-color, oftentimes racist and homophobic Twitter posts first came to light during a feud Matt had with internet personality Brandon Wardell, who reportedly helped expose the tweets. And while Rife was a visible part of the Wild N Out cast on MTV, Complex noted that last year’s controversy marked the first time that many people had heard of the young comedian. Some of the tweets he deleted after the initial furor broke out allegedly included references to rape, as well as a penchant for repeatedly using the word “f****t.”

It does bear mentioning, however, that Rife had shared an Instagram post earlier this month, where he talked about Pride Weekend in Los Angeles and what it means to him.

“I for one believe in a free country where people are allowed to love anyone they want. Equal rights and pride for anybody no matter their sexuality, gender, or race. And if you disagree, you can suck a d**k and catch these hands lol”

Other recent posts on Twitter and Instagram are still rich in NSFW content, but they don’t appear to contain any outright racist or homophobic language.

Earlier this week, Entertainment Tonight reported that Kate Beckinsale and new boyfriend Matt Rife were officially a couple, not long after they were introduced through a mutual friend. Sources close to the couple suggested that the 43-year-old Beckinsale’s friends were largely supportive of her dating the much younger Rife, who was described as “mature for his age” and a “great guy.”

Anything can happen over a period of time, and it’s highly possible Rife has cleaned up his act and learned from last year’s backlash over his alleged social media posts from his younger days. But as of the moment, neither Kate Beckinsale or her boyfriend have commented on the matter.

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