Beyonce's birth was marred by drama.

Beyonce’s Twins’ C-Section Birth Marred By Drama From JAY-Z, Bey’s Mom Tina Knowles

Beyonce had a hard enough time giving birth to twins via C-section, but it seems now that her birth was marred by interference from her family, so much so that husband JAY-Z and mom Tina Knowles had a shouting match in the delivery room.

As In Touch Weekly reports, Bey’s June 12 delivery — what should have been a happy occasion for her and her husband — was actually the scene of anger and tears, mostly because of her family. It’s been previously reported that Bey’s dad, Matthew Knowles, wouldn’t give the couple a moment’s peace, calling so often that Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange Knowles, had to run interference between Bey and her dad.

Now, it seems, Bey’s mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, wasn’t willing to giver her daughter and son-in-law any space, either. An anonymous source claims that the situation was so bad that JAY-Z and Tina had a shouting match. The issue, it seems, is that Tina wanted to be in the delivery room, something that wouldn’t have been outside the realm of possibility with a routine delivery but impossible with a C-Section. Given the opportunity to have only one person in the room with her, she naturally chose her husband, JAY-Z. Mrs. Tina didn’t care for that at all.

“[Tina] got really salty and made a comment about Jay not being home for the hard parts of Beyoncé’s pregnancy. She ended up leaving the room for ‘a breather.'”

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These days, it seems, delivering a baby has become something of a stage show, with siblings (of the baby and the mom), parents, in-laws, pastors, rabbis, and the mailman all being invited into the delivery room. Clearly, Tina thought she was entitled to be in on her grandkids’ birth. But a C-section is a complicated medical procedure, with life-or-death implications for the mother and the baby (or babies, in this case). Naturally, no one should be in the room unless absolutely necessary.

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Meanwhile, as of this writing, Bey and the twins are still in the hospital, over what’s being called a “minor medical issue.” An earlier report indicated that they were “under the lights,” leading some to speculate that the twins had jaundice (light therapy is sometimes used to treat infants with jaundice).

So far, the proud couple hasn’t revealed the names of the twins, but the rumor mill is speculating that their names are Shawn and Bea, after their parents (Jay-Z’s real name is Shawn Carter).

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