‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers For Season 7 Finale: Why Archer Joined The A-Team, Charlotte’s Past [Video]

Why did Archer Dunhill (Elliot Rollins) ever join the A-team? The three-hour season finale of Pretty Little Liars has all the answers you’ve been waiting for. Archer’s body has had a starring role in Season 7 of PLL, and it has been moved back and forth so much it is rather doubtful whether he has had any peace in the afterlife. From being moved from Aria’s car to Charlotte’s fake grave, the season finale of Pretty Little Liars reveals how Archer joined the A-team in the first place, and it has everything to do with Charlotte.

Charlotte and Archer were actually dating once upon a time. In fact, the preview clip shows the two aboard a transatlantic fight where they met for the first time. According to Digital Spy, Archer met Charlotte just after she fled France after killing Detective Wilden. He is absolutely taken with her as evidenced by their conversation.

“You are the most charming woman I’ve ever been charmed by.”

“Charlotte Drake, I will be calling you and I’m not going to wait three days – I’ll ring you tomorrow.”

At the end of Charlotte and Archer’s conversation, he tells her “Enchanté mademoiselle,” which seems to allude that they had taken a flight from France.

Pretty Little Liars spoilers indicate that it appears as if the two hit it off enough to become partners in crime. Archer and Charlotte together come up with a plan to scam Alison out of her fortune. However, the pair’s Bonnie and Clyde adventure reaches its sorry end when Mona pushes Charlotte’s head into a sharp piece of metal, and Archer is killed by Hannah when she hits him with her car. Mona had had enough of Charlotte terrorizing the Liars and wanted to push her off the bell tower and stage it as a suicide. However, Charlotte fought back, and that is when Mona accidentally knocked Charlotte’s head against some metal on the wall. Pretty Little Liars fans will remember that the Liars weren’t thrilled to hear that Alison’s husband was not who he purported to be, and they took swift and immediate action by killing Charlotte and Archer.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know who AD is but we can take comfortable in the fact that at least we know now how Archer fitted into the overall picture. Watch the season finale of Pretty Little Liars: Endgame on Tuesday, June 27 on Freeform in the United States, while British folks can enjoy it on Netflix on Wednesday, June 28.

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