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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Spoilers: Will Megan Hunt Become A Series Regular?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 will premiere later this year, and fans are already talking about what may happen when the new season debuts. While there is a lot of speculation about what the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial will be up to, fans have one big question surrounding a new character.

According to WetPaint, Grey’s Anatomy fans were shocked by the news that Owen’s sister, Megan Hunt, was alive. Megan’s friends and family members had believed the army doctor had been dead for years, and had given up hope of ever seeing her again. However, in the Season 13 finale it was revealed that Megan was alive and on her way to Seattle to join her brother.

Megan’s storyline is sure to be one of the most talked about during Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy. Fans have only seen a glimpse of Megan in a flashback, but they are about to see a whole lot more. The character will not only have a ton of physical recovering to do after coming to Grey Sloan Memorial, but she’ll also have some mental and emotional hurdles as well.

Megan’s body will need to heal from the years of torture she endured, but she’ll also have to wrap her head around the fact that her family stopped looking for her. Megan will also come face to face with her fiance, Nathan Riggs, who had moved on from their relationship and started to get serious with Meredith Grey during Season 13. Of course, Meredith was completely understanding of Nathan’s situation, and even urged him to leave her and rush to Megan’s side in the finale. However, many fans don’t believe that Meredith and Nathan’s romance is over just yet, but this is a major obstacle for the couple.

Since Megan Hunt has such a thick storyline, it seems safe to say that she’ll be sticking around for the duration of Grey’s Anatomy Season 14, but what about beyond that? The character is a doctor, and she could easily get her life back together and begin practicing medicine again, so why not do it at Grey Sloan? It seems that there is a real possibility that Megan could be around for seasons to come.

What do you think about the latest Grey’s Anatomy spoilers and news? Do you want to see Megan Hunt become a series regular?

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