Where's Barron? Why Did Barron Miss The Congressional Picnic That Seemed Tailor-Made For Kids? [Photos]

Where’s Barron? Why Did Barron Miss The Congressional Picnic That Seemed Tailor-Made For Kids? [Photos]

The last time the world at large saw Barron Trump, the First Son was snapping a photo of Marine One, on Father’s Day, June 18, as reported by the Inquisitr. Barron had just returned from Camp David with First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump that day. When Barron was photographed leaving for the Camp David trip just one day prior, the 11-year-old wore soccer gear that made the Internet fall in love with the style of the young man, sporting Arsenal Football Club soccer shorts and other red and white Puma gear.

That’s why it made it all the more odd for Barron to skip out on the Congressional Picnic with the Central Park theme of New York City held at the White House on Thursday, June 22. As reported by the Daily Mail, Barron skipped the picnic.

Mr. and Mrs. Trump took selfies with the picnic guests, engaged in a halfway side hug reminiscent of the “gimme that Christian side hug” viral video, and gave an interview to Fox & Friends, with Melania speaking about how much Barron loves D.C. Saying that she doesn’t miss New York City at all because she’s so busy, it’s also noteworthy that the Central Park and New York City theme borrowed heavily from the city she and Barron just vacated from Trump Tower.

With the white-hot spotlight on Barron, Melania and President Trump, one could understand how anyone, especially a child, would want to escape such things and play with a fidget spinner and just chill out for a minute. With moving cities being one of those big life moments, right up there with adjusting to the death of a loved one or other life-altering events, it is truly understandable if Barron might have chosen to escape the zoom lenses and public scrutiny for some time.

The thing is, the picnic was tailor-made for kids in some ways. Ivanka swang her daughter around in a playful manner as she let her hair down to have fun.

[Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

There were even radio controlled boats inside the fountain at the Congressional Picnic on the South Lawn, as people played with them.

[Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]

Perhaps Barron had other things to do, or didn’t feel like having his every move scrutinized or T-shirt evaluated once more. Maybe Barron knows he can play with the White House accouterments almost anytime he wants.

[Featured Image by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Images]