wwe news triple h seth rollins future great balls of fire main event joe lesnar

WWE News: Triple H Thinks This Current Superstar Is ‘The Future Of WWE’

Triple H stood on top of the wrestling world in WWE for a long time as a champion on many different levels, but now, he’s primarily in an office and needs to look toward the future. While doing that, he won’t hold the title belts and push forward with the company, but many other superstars will. Still, there is one star currently on Monday Night Raw who Triple H believes is the current and future of WWE.

Triple H recently spoke with Sky Sports regarding a number of different things with WWE and NXT, but his thoughts on his WrestleMania 33 match against Seth Rollins was the most interesting. Not only did he discuss being proud to be in the ring with Rollins, but he gave “The Architect” an incredible compliment.

As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., this is something that should boost Rollins’ confidence on many levels once he gets wind of it.

“This is me with the suit off in a little bit of a different environment, with my wife standing behind me. That’s the thing for me now, at this point in my career, that moment to stand in that ring again with my wife standing behind me in front of a record-breaking crowd in Orlando at WrestleMania was just – they’re all career highlights, they’re bonuses for me and they’re a lot of fun. To stand in the ring with a guy as talented as Seth Rollins is, who’s kind of the current and the future of WWE in many ways, it’s hard to describe how that feels. For me knowing that I was there as he was coming into the WWE, seeing his development in the Shield, being there for a lot of it and seeing him come all the way to where he is now, it’s very gratifying in a lot of ways.”

wwe news triple h seth rollins future great balls of fire main event joe lesnar
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After Seth Rollins suffered his second serious injury in a period of two years, many thought his WrestleMania match against Triple H would be called off. There is little doubt that WWE has to be somewhat concerned about Rollins’ health and the shape of his knees.

When coming up with The Shield, a number of fans and wrestling experts looked at Dean Ambrose as being the standout from the group. While Ambrose has gone on to do great things in WWE, Rollins has been consistently at the top of the card, and it is obvious that Triple H believes he will carry the company in the coming years.

As for others in the company, Triple H is fully on board with other feuds taking place right now, and the biggest one is obviously Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe.

wwe news triple h seth rollins future great balls of fire main event joe lesnar
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When discussing the main event at Great Balls of Fire, Triple H believes that both superstars in the WWE Universal Title Match on different levels. He sees an “interesting contest” that will definitely have “two bulls go at it.”

Triple H has a big task ahead of him as he and Stephanie McMahon are going to end up being those that take over WWE after Vince McMahon finally steps down. They are not only looking at who is perfect for the company now, but who will carry it on down the line. There is very little doubt that guys like Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe are superstars to bank on, but the “Cerebral Assassin” truly believes that Seth Rollins is the current and future success of WWE.

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