Melania's 'Fox & Friends' Picnic Videos: 'We Doing So Many Great Stuff' - 20 Minutes, No 'Pregnant' Questions

Melania’s ‘Fox & Friends’ Picnic Videos: ‘We Doing So Many Great Stuff,’ 20 Minutes, No ‘Pregnant’ Questions

First Lady Melania Trump had a busy day on Thursday at the Congressional Picnic held at the White House that evening. As reported by the Inquisitr, photographs of Melania holding a baby and taking selfies with President Donald Trump brought plenty of buzz online. And speaking of babies, the Internet keeps wondering if Melania is having her own baby. Ever since Melania wore a blue fitted dress recently, the buzz about Melania potentially being pregnant has been circulating on social media. While the White House has not confirmed or denied any rumors about Melania being pregnant, that hasn’t stopped folks from asking Google if Melania’s pregnant or not, even asking about a potential Melania pregnancy in a variety of languages.

According to Google Trends, in the past day, the search term “Melania Trump picnic” is a breakout search term, but so are “Melania Trump pregnant again” queries. Even foreign words for pregnant, such as “schwanger” and “enceinte” are being typed into Google. However, as seen in the below videos of Ainsley Earhardt of Fox & Friends‘ interview with Melania and President Trump, there was no talk about a possible pregnancy. At least from the video snippet interviews released thus far from the Fox & Friends interview, Melania was not asked about pregnancy, nor did Melania address any rumors about potentially being pregnant.

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Instead, Melania spoke about moving from New York to D.C. in the Fox & Friends interview.

“And we doing so many great stuff. So it’s a really special place. Tonight it’s a great picnic. Congressional Picnic with all of us getting together. New York City theme and we have carousel and great stuff outside.”

As reported by the Daily Mail, instead of pregnancy talk, Melania talked about life at the White House, calling it a special place. It was Melania’s first interview since Mr. Trump became President Trump, and she gave that first interview to Fox & Friends.

Melania said that she’s enjoying D.C. very much, along with 11-year-old son Barron. Mrs. Trump proclaimed that she doesn’t miss New York due to being so busy. The publication notes that Melania was only asked four questions in 20 minutes, while most of the time Mrs. Trump stood and nodded next to President Trump as he spoke about “obstructionists” and not wanting Nancy Pelosi to vacate her position.

Melania wore a designer sleeveless dress with a grid print for the picnic.

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Watch the Fox & Friends video here.

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