Ellen DeGeneres catches audience member stealing from show

Ellen Catches Audience Members Stealing From Show — Watch Humiliating Video

A new video featuring audience members stealing from The Ellen DeGeneres Show is going viral. Anyone who has ever watched Ellen knows she’s a prankster and loves to play jokes. She also secretly films people, celebrities included, then shares their surprised and shocked reactions on the air. Well, this situation wasn’t humorous, but humiliating. You see, before Ellen began taping a recent episode, she set up a table where audience members could keep one free item. She set up cameras and for the most part, everyone was honest. Several audience members were anything but, and Ellen wasted no time calling them out with the secret video. Buzzfeed first reported the story that included plenty of hilarious GIFs. You may watch the video below.

What was most surprising about the video was that many of the people were honest, but one can only imagine how humiliating it was for Ellen to single out “Nancy” for her infractions. Nancy stated that she had taken extra souvenirs as her sister Anna couldn’t attend the taping. Ellen pointed out that many of the audience members had sisters who couldn’t be there.

Ellen is always looking for a teachable lesson and this video seemed a bit different from the pranks she typically pulls. Could it be that Ellen planned the stunt as a way of teaching people to be more honest? What was nice is that one woman who had attended the taping wanted to take two items, but put one back and stated she would purchase the hat. Because of her honesty, Ellen rewarded her by giving her the hat. The woman and her friend had expressions of shock when they saw their videos airing on the show praising them for their integrity. It was a different story when the video showed Nancy and her friend.

Nancy and her friend were visibly embarrassed and though many in the audience were laughing, it was Nancy’s friend who looked extremely uncomfortable. Nancy repeatedly slapped her own hand in an attempt to show her remorse, but Ellen singled her out and punished her. Ellen had her sit in the “Ellen chair” and the entire stunt proved to be extremely humiliating.

What did you think of the stunt? Do you think it will inspire people to be more honest? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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