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‘Young & Hungry’ Season 5, Part 1 Now Available On Netflix

Fans of Emily Osment who have been patiently waiting don’t have to wait anymore as Season 5, Part 1 of Young & Hungry is now available on Netflix.

According to Hollywood Reporter, it was two days ago on June 21 that Season 5, Part 1 of Young & Hungry was added to Netflix. It wasn’t until October of last year that Emily Osment – who stars in the show as Gabi – revealed the show would be returning for Season 5. From that very moment, Young & Hungry fans with Netflix subscriptions had one question – when would Season 5 be added? Fortunately, all of those fans who have been waiting can now go binge through the first 10 episodes of Season 5.

As those who have watched all of the previous seasons of Young & Hungry know, the series tends to be inconsistent with how many episodes it has in each season. Seasons 1, 3, and 4 contained 10 episodes while Season 2 contained 20 episodes. According to Variety, Season 5 of Young & Hungry will also be 20 episodes long as Freeform has put in the back order for an additional 10 episodes.

The back order to supersize Young & Hungry Season 5 to be 20 episodes long instead of 10 was placed after Season 4 ended. The show aired during the Wednesday 8 p.m. timeslot and ended up ranking as the highest original cable comedy to support ads during the entire summer season for the 18-34 age group.

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Kym Whitley of ‘Young & Hungry’ [Image by Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP Images]

According to TV Series Finale, the Freeform series has yet to be canceled or renewed for Season 6. Some speculate this is a decision the network will make after seeing how well Part 2 of Season 5 does when it finally airs. Naturally, this will also be a decision made based on whether or not contracts can be worked out and actors/actresses are willing to return to film another season.

There was a period of time when fans were concerned the series was going to be canceled as the network was playing with the idea of a Young & Hungry spinoff starring Ashley Tisdale and Aimee Carrero. Tisdale had opened up about how she wanted the spinoff to be a standalone series, so she didn’t want fans to expect members of the Young & Hungry cast to make appearances in the spinoff. According to Deadline, Freeform has decided not to move forward with the Young & Sofia spinoff.

Are you excited Young & Hungry Season 5, Part 1 is now available on Netflix? Are you going to binge through the entire season? Let us know about it in the comments down below!

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