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Kristen Stewart Allegedly Infuriated Robert Pattinson By Gushing About Hrithik Roshan


Kristen Stewart allegedly gushed so much about another man she infuriated Robert Pattinson. Entertainment Wise reports that the Twilight star “publicly swooned” over Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, much to Pattinson’s displeasure.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were reportedly back on track romance wise since reconciling after the love triangle scandal involving director Rupert Sanders. Now magazine reports that Pattinson did not care for all the attention his Breaking Dawn co-star was giving the 38-year-old Bollywood actor.

Stewart had this to say about Hrithik Roshan:

“I’d love to work with Hrithik Roshan. He’s such a wonderful actor and so good-looking. In fact, if I have a boy, I would want him to look like Hrithik, but with Rob’s eyes.”

Roshan has been described as India’s “most complete actor” according to IMDb. The Hindi film industry is not new to Hrithik’s family. His maternal grandfather. J. Om Prakash, was a director and producer. Prakash reportedly introduced young Hrithik to the movie industry when the child was unknowingly filmed while dancing on the set of Aasha in 1980.

Kristen Stewart’s possible crush was born Hrithik Rakesh Nagrath in 1974 in Mumbai, India. Roshan’s film credits include Zindagi Na Mielgi Dobara, Jodhaa Akbar, and Kites. The actor won Filmfare Awards for Best Actor and Best Male Debut for playing Kaho in Naa … Pyaar Hai in 2000.

Hrithik Roshan also had a starring role in the melodrama, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, India’s highest grossing film in the overseas market. In addition to multiple Best Actor awards, Roshan also garnered honors at the Golden Minbar International Film Festival.

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13 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Allegedly Infuriated Robert Pattinson By Gushing About Hrithik Roshan”

  1. Cindi Catwalk Sprock

    OH Geez here we go again folks! I guess she really didn't learn anything from the last mistake! Good luck Rob, your going to need it buddy!

  2. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    I don't see where she said anything uncouth…she said he was good looking, WHICH HE IS…that is she had a baby boy she'd like it to look like him with ROB'S eyes….
    Personally, she should dump that weirdo she's with and try and get with this Indian dude, cos he is just plain HOT!!
    And I don't even usually care for younger men(I'm almost 50)…I might have to turn Cougar for this guy, though…
    I mean, if I wasn't already married to a wonderful man who I love very much…..

  3. Anonymous

    I'm sure that Robert-Kristen and this men that I don't know Hrithik, are laughing by all the stupidity that tabloid media can spit out….. Guys just find a REAL JOB.

  4. Paola González

    man first get your fact right, Hrithik's name has no Rakesh on it, you know as much of Kristen as you know of Hrithik nothing!

  5. Johselyn Arbieto N Amal

    Roshan has been described as India’s “most complete actor” <3

  6. Paola González

    tan linda Johse, viendo el lado positivo a todo, las verdades entre as mentira del artículo u.u

  7. Neon Watson

    Why is Kristen such a stupid cow? She has one of the most beautiful men on the planet (a doormat by the way) and she just can't stop humiliating him. I really dislike her.

  8. Sally Morales

    Sheeeeze! If she don't wat Robert I'll take him in a heart beat! lol! woohoo!

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