'NCIS' And 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Adding Two Female Characters: Which Actress Could Play Gibbs' Love Interest? [Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

‘NCIS’ And ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Adding Two Female Characters: Which Actress Could Play Gibbs’ Love Interest?

Fans who have been worrying that Mark Harmon is leaving NCIS due to health reasons should feel much more relieved now, as the number one drama in the world is adding a female character as a romantic interest to Harmon’s character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

NCIS: Los Angeles fans may also be intrigued to learn that they are adding a new female character. What roles will each actress play, who could be eliminated, and what possible redheaded actresses could possibly play Gibbs’ love interest?

According to Showbiz 411, they are adding an assistant director to NCIS: Los Angeles. The 40-something woman is going to be “Confident & clever, with a sense of humor, an authoritative figure who takes over operations when needed. She’s a natural leader with a strong presence, but not afraid to get her hands dirty in the field if necessary.” The popular showbiz publication is concerned that this could be a replacement for the talented Linda Hunt, although there is no confirmation that anyone is leaving the NCIS: Los Angeles franchise.

As for NCIS, the new 40-something character is a psychologist called Reagan. She sounds fiery and willing to go head to head with Gibbs. Sounds like sparks will really fly!

Although no names have been disclosed for either role, everyone knows that NCIS will need a redheaded woman to play a romantic lead against Gibbs, who has a history of redheaded wives. Is it possible that Mireille Enos, formerly of the recently canceled Shondaland RomCom, The Catch, could fill this role? The gorgeous redheaded actress could certainly sink her teeth into this role and add a bit of glamor and pizazz to the NCIS franchise.

Jennifer Esposito surprised everyone that she was leaving after just one season of NCIS. According to Deadline, she is going to stay with CBS, on the show The Affair. She is also starring as John Travolta’s wife, in the movie, Speed Kills.

It appears that the actress chose other projects over her role as Alex Quinn. This is understandable, as her character’s story was quite slow to unfold, and really did not pique the interest of fans. This is most likely because NCIS showrunner, Gary Glasburg passed away just as the season started. Quinn was his own creation, and the show is going in a different direction. Unfortunately for Esposito, the character of Alexandra Quinn was never fully realized.

Recently, there has been a lot of hubbub about Mark Harmon’s health, and theories that he is leaving NCIS. Radar Online reported that Harmon had knee surgery from his old football days. The tough rehab resulted in a 20-pound weight loss, leaving the actor looking gaunt, prompting the rumors of his ill health. Concerned fans should now feel relieved that Harmon will be back, and perhaps even interested in seeing if Gibbs will finally find love and happiness.

What redheaded actress do you think should play Gibbs’ love interest? Are you looking forward to a romantic storyline in the 15th season of NCIS? NCIS: Los Angeles fans, do you think that they are adding two female characters to replace Linda Hunt, or do you have another theory? Please share your opinions below!

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]