South Korean actor Kim Woo Bin at an event.

Kim Woo Bin’s Health Update: Girlfriend Shin Min Ah Always Seen By His Side

Kim Woo Bin is undergoing treatment for nasopharynx cancer at a hospital in Seoul, and his girlfriend, Shin Min Ah, has reportedly become his biggest support system.

Last month, the 27-year-old Korean actor’s management agency, Sidus HQ, released a statement to inform the media and his fans that he had been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. They also said that Kim Woo Bin had already started treatment, and along with medication therapy, he was undergoing radiation therapy.

Soon after Sidus HQ’s statement, Shin Min Ah released a statement via her agency. She said that she was helping so that Kim Woo Bin could successfully undergo his treatment. Now, the reports have surfaced that the 33-year-old actress is always seen beside Kim Woo Bin whenever he goes for his treatment. Soompi quoted a source as saying that as the two actors-turned-models were an attractive couple, and because of that, they stood out, and many people noticed them.

“Many people’s attention have been drawn to Shin Min Ah as she always accompanies Kim Woo Bin to the hospital when he goes for treatment. There are a lot of people at the hospital, but because they are such a good-looking couple, I think many people notice them.”

Moreover, the source also pointed out that many people inside the hospital had said that they could not help but give their “encouragement” and “support” to Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah because they were always seen smiling even though they were dealing with a difficult situation.

Meanwhile, Korean netizens are praising Shin Min Ah for being there for Kim Woo Bin during his treatments, according to Netizenbuzz. One of the posters said that it was “cool” and “loyal” of Shin Min Ah, while another said that the best person was the one who stayed beside someone during their hard time. One poster hoped for the actor’s speedy recovery so that the couple could get married and live a happy life.

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Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin confirmed that they were dating in July of 2015. The two reportedly became close while shooting ads for fashion brand Giordano. Before the news about Kim Woo Bin’s cancer broke, the couple was seen having a dinner date at a restaurant in Seoul.

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Kim Woo Bin was last seen in KBS’ melodrama Uncontrollably Fond, where his character died in the final episode. He was supposed to begin filming for Wiretap in July, but because of his illness, the production team has pushed back the filming schedule of the movie. They have not yet announced the film’s new filming schedule.

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