James Roday and Dule Hill return as Shawn and Gus for Psych: The Movie

Everything We Already Know About USA Network’s ‘Psych: The Movie’

Heads up Psych-O’s! If you didn’t already hear, USA Network is bringing back the original cast of Psych for a two-hour holiday movie! Set to release this December, the USA crime comedy is going to be returning for a holiday themed affair, set three years after the series finale – with the beloved team coming back together when “one of their own” is being targeted.

The original show creator, Steve Franks, is going to be directing the movie, which he co-wrote along with Psych star James Roday (Shawn Spencer). Roday and co-star Dule Hill (Burton “Gus” Guster) will also be producing the movie alongside Franks. All of this is surely going to add up to a long-awaited reunion of our favorite fake psychic detective and the Santa Barbara Police Department that is sure to impress long-time fans of the series.

The Original Cast is Back in Action

One of the most important parts of a reunion for any show is ensuring that the original cast is on board for such a project. In recent years we’ve seen a lot of reunion shows – some of the most notable being a new short season of X-Files on Fox and Netflix’s Fuller House, and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – and in all of these we saw most of the original cast members back with the exception of very few for various and understandable reasons.

Psych original cast returns for a 2-hour holiday movie special
Pictured left to right (seated): Creator Steve Franks, James Roday, Dule Hill, Corbin Bernsen, Maggie Lawson, Timothy Omundson [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Psych: The Movie will see not only our favorite duo – Roday and Hill as Shawn and Gus – but it will also see the rest of the main cast returning as well. With Timothy Osmund as Detective Lassiter, or “Lassie” as Shawn so often referred to him, Maggie Lawson as the beautiful but hardcore junior detective Juliet O’Hara, Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer, retired cop and father of our beloved Shawn, and of course, Kirsten Nelson as Chief Karen Vick.

Along with the expected cast members, long time fans will also be happy to see that reoccurring villain Despereaux, played by Cary Elwes, will also be returning for the movie. Overall, any fan of Psych can see that this movie is packed full of returning cast members who were clearly happy to be a part of the film.

They’ve Added Some Exciting New Cast Members

Another important part of a reunion movie, season, or mini-series is going to be ensuring that you don’t entirely rely on the nostalgia of the fans to make it great – there needs to be something new and fresh along with the old and loved. In the case of Psych, that’s going to be at least two new cast members who have already been confirmed – one of them being Dule Hill’s bride to be.

Steve Franks returns to USA Network for Psych the movie
[Image by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images]

In later seasons of the show fans had asked – and practically begged – for a real love interest for Gus, who always happened to find himself in the craziest situations with women over the course of the show. For the new movie, they have brought in Jazmyn Simon of the show Ballers, who is Hill’s real-life fiancée. Whether or not things are going to go differently this time for Gus are unclear with the announcement from Simon.

“Well, surprise! It’s going to be me! I’m going to be playing Selene, the girl of Gus’ dreams… or his nightmares.”

Along with Simon, they will also be bringing in another new cast member who fans had hoped to see as a guest star during the shows original run. Zackary Levi, who stars in Chuck, will be playing in Psych: The Movie as “The Thin White Duke” and is described as a “ruthless, mysterious, and dashing villain of the highest order.” Not much more has been released about the character so far, but a video posted by Roday and Hill introduces their new cast member in typical psych-o fashion (video below).

There’s Going to Be Plenty of Pineapple

With Shawn Spencer involved, there was not a doubt in any Psych fan’s mind that pineapples will continue to be a theme throughout the two-hour movie. After all, there was at least one pineapple hidden in a scene of every episode of Psych ever made – and isn’t everyone a fan of the delicious flavor? There was no way they could have a Psych movie without incorporating the tropical fruit.

Even in the video introducing the Thin White Duke/Zachary Levi, pineapple is front and center. Fans of Chuck will also have a fond spot for the pineapples as “pineapple” is the code word used for a big emergency in the show. Fans of both shows will find themselves increasingly excited for the movie, probably buying more pineapple smoothies than they have in years and once the movie airs, searching every scene for the delicious fruit.

All in all, anyone who loved the show Psych which aired on USA Network from 2006-2014 is surely going to love Psych: The Movie which will be airing on USA Network this December. Though the actual release date has yet to be announced, we do know that they have wrapped up filming – meaning they are into the post-production and soon the big marketing phase will begin.

We’re likely to see trailers, candid shots, and photo shoots from the set over the coming months until the holiday movie finally hits our TV screens. It’s been rumored that we will have sneak peaks, and maybe even a release date announcement at San Diego Comic Con next month (but of course, this is just a rumor for now).

Are you looking forward to Psych: The Movie? Which character are you most excited to see again? How many pineapple smoothies will you have in anticipation of this movie? Tell us this and more in the comments, and please share this so other psych-o’s can get the latest Psych updates!

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]