The Busby Family from the TLC series OutDaughtered

The Busby Family Returns This Summer On The TLC Series ‘OutDaughtered’ [Spoilers]

The Busby family is back and busier than ever in the new season of OutDaughtered, as Danielle and Adam juggle the demands of a young family while trying to build a new business. The quints are about to turn 2, and along with that milestone comes a lot of firsts. A sneak-peek trailer and new information posted by TLC concerning the new season highlights the unique challenges facing Danielle and Adam, especially since Danielle’s mother (Mimi to the kids), has moved out.

All of the quints are now quite mobile and talking, and as they grow, they are exhibiting their independence. Their personalities are definitely shining through as well; Lulu is known as the sassy one, Ava continues to be the sweet mama’s girl, Hazel’s personality matches her bright red hair, Parker is described as sporty and perceptive, while Riley still enjoys getting into mischief.

For those unfamiliar with this dynamic family, Us Weekly Magazine shared that the Busbys made history two years ago when Danielle gave birth to the only set of all-girl quints in the country. The babies were born at 28 weeks on April 8, 2015, in Houston, Texas. After the babies spent almost three months in the hospital they were able to go home in July, and that’s when the work really began for the Busby family. The first two seasons gave viewers a glimpse of how challenging and overwhelming caring for five babies could be, but fortunately Danielle and Adam have an excellent family support system.

Besides the quints, Danielle and Adam have an older daughter, Blayke, who will be turning 6-years-old this year. During the first year, trying to spend some one-on-one time with Blayke took some creative planning. Blayke has turned into quite the big sister, playing with her siblings and helping out when needed. Blayke is very bright and seems to take everything in stride, and her big milestone last year was starting kindergarten.

The quints headed off to school as well last season, all except Hazel, who still wasn’t walking. Danielle and Adam had to make some hard decisions concerning Hazel’s eye condition, which ultimately resulted in a critically important surgery. Her eye condition was responsible for her walking delay, but with a little therapy and a lot of practice walking, she was able to join her sisters by the end of the season. TV Series Finale shared that Danielle and Adam learned Hazel may end up requiring a second eye surgery.

Danielle is concerned that Adam is becoming obsessed with Hazel’s ongoing eye issues. He wants to see the problem permanently corrected, but that may not be possible, and he is having problems dealing with that fact. People shared that Adam began to realize that all the stress was becoming too difficult to handle, leading him to seek out some help and advice.

“Ever since the babies have been born, I’m not the Adam I used to know,” he stated in the clip.

As Danielle and Adam continue to wrangle their rambunctious 2-year-olds, they find themselves discussing common concerns that face all parents of toddlers, such as should they should introduce potty training to the quints. All these firsts make it tough on Danielle at times, and she wishes Adam was around more often to help out. In the midst of everything, they also need to find time to spend some alone time with each other in order to nurture their relationship.

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The new, 10-episode season of OutDaughtered premieres on Tuesday, July 11, at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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