Miranda Lambert says Blake Shelton diss tracks are her favorites

Miranda Lambert Calls Blake Shelton Diss Tracks Her ‘Favorites’ After Shading Her Ex

Miranda Lambert has stayed pretty quiet when it comes to speaking out about her Blake Shelton-inspired breakup album, The Weight of these Wings, but now she’s opening up.

Despite reports Miranda allegedly refused all interviews ahead of the album’s release last year to avoid speaking publicly about her divorce, the country star recently spoke out about the writing process and admitted that putting pen to paper to put her feelings about their split into her new music produced some of her favorite songs.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Lambert actually claimed that her tracks about Blake and inspired by their divorce are her favorites she’s ever produced, after a fan asked her to name her favorite album or song that she’s recorded to date.

“I really enjoyed the process of this last record called The Weight of These Wings because I took my time on it and spent over a year writing for it,” Lambert said of the album, many if not all of the songs of which are widely reported to be inspired by her and Shelton’s divorce.

“I sort of got to explore my songwriting in a different way than I ever have before,” she continued, likely referring to the divorce heartbreak that inspired the songs on her most recent album just days after Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley revealed why they only ever poke fun at Shelton when it comes to discussing their divorce at the CMA Awards.

Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Blake Shelton Diss Tracks After Shading Her Ex
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Miranda has never explicitly confirmed that The Weight of these Wings is inspired by Blake, though it’s been widely speculated that the album is all about what went wrong in their relationship while the star also hinted that her split from the country star was her inspiration while accepting the ACM Award for Album of the Year earlier this year.

Lambert appeared to reference her split from Shelton, who was not in attendance at the country music award show, as Us Weekly reported that the country star thanked her fans for letting her “use her heartbreak” as inspiration for the record, which some fans also claimed was subtle shade.

Miranda then went on to perform an emotional rendition of the song “Tin Man,” a song rumored to be a diss song about her ex, which appeared to illicit some major shade from Blake on social media.

Making it clear he wasn’t attending, watching or supporting his ex or his peers just minutes after Miranda took to the stage, Blake instead told his millions of followers that he was snubbing the show completely with some major shade thrown in his former wife’s direction as he dismissed her performance and multiple wins.

“Ah… Another Sunday evening in my Oklahoma…,” the “God Gave Me You” singer tweeted, posting a photo of himself enjoying a drink in the great outdoors as the show took place in Las Vegas despite him previously co-hosting the show with fellow country star Luke Bryan on multiple occasions.

But it’s not just Blake who’s been throwing shade at his ex with a subtle diss.

Lambert’s latest talk about how her Shelton songs are her favorites comes after sources claimed that she threw some major shade at her former husband and his new girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, and accused the two of using their high-profile relationship to sell their music.

Miranda Lambert says her songs inspired by Blake Shelton are her favorites
Blake Shelton and girlfriend Gwen Stefani [Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Glamour]

Miranda allegedly told her team that she was not willing to do any interviews to promote the record ahead of its October, 2016, release, and reportedly turned down in-depth interviews with a number of high-profile magazines and publications because she did not want to exploit her personal life like Blake and Gwen.

According to Fox News, Miranda threw out a serious diss at her ex and his girlfriend, and told her PR team at the time, “Gwen’s and Blake’s albums didn’t sell, and all they did was do press.”

Lambert too has since moved on in the wake of her divorce and is now getting pretty serious with boyfriend Anderson East.

What do you think of Miranda Lambert’s confession that her songs about Blake Shelton on The Weight of These Wings are actually her favorites that she’s ever recorded?

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