Armpit tattoos are the latest trends, but a bit of a smelly trend

Tattoo Trend Is Stinky Business In Sensitive Area Of The Body

Tattoos are body art and a way of expressing yourself as a unique human being, but jump back a few decades and they were basically a sign that you were a bit on the wild side. Things have changed drastically, as both women and men are sporting tattoos on just about any part of the body and this newest tattoo trend is finding these little works of art in some smelly places.

Up until recently, there were a few places that a tattoo just wasn’t found on the body. Today this latest trend is leaving even fewer places on the human body you’re not apt to find a tattoo. Today News, suggests that this new trend may not be for the faint of heart, as this part of the body can get a bit smelly, but not in a way that you would imagine.

Tessia Elise, who is a tattoo artist, dons a work of art on her armpit, which is the latest trend for getting inked. She claims that inking a tattoo on the armpit isn’t as painful as a lot of folks tend to think. Both men and women are opting for armpit tattoos today and Elise said that it’s the men that are “getting the short end of the stick” with this new trend.

Women usually shave their armpits, so that area has gotten desensitized gradually over time, so inking a tattoo is not as uncomfortable for women as it is for men, who don’t traditionally shave that area. The armpit tends to be a more tender area for the guys than it does for the ladies, claims Elise, but it still isn’t as painful as some would imagine.

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A report on the Daily Mail contradicts the claim that getting your armpit tattooed isn’t too painful. People are saying it is painful to get inked in that area, with some going as far as calling it excruciatingly painful. With that said, it looks like the pain isn’t holding back the masses from getting in on this trend, as Instagram has been flooded with more than 7,000 photos of armpit tattoos.

As a tattoo artist, Elise encourages her customers to consider the armpit for a place to sport a tattoo and so far she’s done a dozen or so armpit tattoos. It seems that not only is the armpit tattoo becoming quite the trend, the excitement continues once people leave the shop according to enthusiasm seen for the armpit tattoo posted in pictures on Instagram.

As far as the smell goes, it is easy to wipe an armpit clean. Any area getting a tattoo is cleaned first, so the smell isn’t body odor as much as something else. The smell that people do experience with this trend may seem a bit gruesome. Because the armpit is so close to the face, those getting tattoos inked in that area will smell their own blood as the needle delivers the tiny pin holes for the ink, warns Herpits, a site dedicated to the beauty and health of the female armpits. It may not be for the faint of heart, they suggest. Still, the smell, the pain, or anything else that’s uncomfortable about getting inked in this area doesn’t seem to detour too many as those armpit tattoos are seen by the droves on Instagram.

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