Donald Trump Drives Golf Cart Onto The Green - But It Was Trump's National Golf Club In Bedminster [Video]

Donald Trump Angers Golf Lovers, Drives Golf Cart On Green At Trump’s National Golf Club In New Jersey [Video]

President Donald Trump has driven his golf cart onto the greens of a golf course, and the internet is collectively commenting on such a “Trump” move.

As reported by the Inquisitr, tracking Mr. Trump via the geo-tagging feature of Instagram has oftentimes resulted in photos and videos of President Trump hanging out at Trump properties. One of those locations is named Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, and that’s purportedly where the video (seen below) was taken that shows President Trump driving his white golf cart onto the green as he wore his red “Make America Great Again” hat.

On Instagram, a very popular video featuring that location is making the rounds, narrated by a voice that praises President Trump for driving on the green of his own golf course. However, not everyone is so happy to see Mr. Trump steering a golf cart onto the green.

“How great is that? That’s the only place you can drive on the green, right? Your own golf course.”

As reported by Google Trends, “Trump golf cart” is a breakout search term on Thursday, June 22, along with several related terms such as “Trump drives on green” and “Donald Trump golf cart.” Only bested by the news that “Trump has no tapes,” Donald Trump’s golf cart shenanigans are certainly bringing viewers to the video of the president driving on the green, which is ordinarily frowned upon in golf.

Warning: The following video might be disturbing to golf lovers and golf course greenskeepers.

As reported by Yahoo Sports, there are plenty of reasons why a golfer should not drive a golf cart onto the green. Folks have turned to social media about President Trump committing a mortal sin by nonchalantly driving his golf cart on the green or obstructing the first rule of justice in golf.

The Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, is only one of the 17 Trump golf courses on the planet, but the fact that Mr. Trump wielded his golf cart on the green right before the U.S. Women’s Open is scheduled to become the second golf major held at a Trump course this year, within weeks, is not going over well with all viewers.

With President Trump driving his golf cart directly onto the green, Mr. Trump ran the risk of creating grooves in the green that other golfers would have to deal with, not to mention the greenskeepers at the golf course who would have to deal with such damage from a golf cart on the green. The move Mr. Trump made with his golf cart has gotten other golfers thrown off golf courses and banned for life.

[Featured Image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]