Male rape victim

22-Year-Old Man ‘Wanted To Jump Off A Bridge’ After Being Raped By Two Men During Guy’s Night Out

A 22-year-old man in Nottingham says he wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge after being raped by two men during a guy’s night out, the Manchester Evening News reports. On the night of September 1, 2016, Sam Thompson, of Newark, was with his childhood friend, Brady Hutchings, 23, having drinks at a bar and a club.

At around 3 a.m., Thompson was unable to locate his friend, and he said he lost his phone so he was unable to call him. As he was standing outside, along with other partygoers who were waiting on taxis, he was approached by a strange man.

The man invited Thompson, who works as a DJ, to have a drink with a group of men back at their hotel in Manchester. Thompson agreed. He added that it was not unusual to party with strangers as that is something he would normally do back home.

When Thompson initially arrived at the hotel, it was crowded. After a while, people began to disappear, and he was left alone with two men. That’s when the men made him have another drink, which he believes was spiked.

The men reportedly began taking off Thompson pants. For the next few hours, Thompson stated that the men took turns raping him, leaving him with internal bruises and cuts.

Thompson was in shock after the rape. As he staggered home and thought of the sexual assault, he didn’t want to live anymore. He went on to say that he wanted to jump off a bridge, but the thought of his family hindered him from taking his own life. He didn’t want to destroy their lives with such agony.

When he made it home to his then girlfriend and his friend, he broke down in tears as he told them what happened.

After reporting the incident to police and moving back in with his parents, he stated that all he wanted to do was die.

In October, he was offered a job as a DJ, and it helped him to hop on the road to recovery. He began working with Survivors Manchester, a charity that helps male survivors of rape and sexual abuse, which prompted him to break his silence about being raped in an effort to help other victims to speak out.

[Featured Image by Sam Thompson/Facebook]