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Kris Jenner: Her Plans To Revive ‘KUWTK’ Ratings After Latest Series Suffers Low Viewership

Kris Jenner is determined to get Keeping Up With the Kardashians back to its golden days when ratings were still surpassing the 3 million mark, but that’s going to be quite a challenge, sources reveal.

According to Radar Online, the 14th series of the show, which concluded earlier this month, was a disappointment for the E! network since several episodes had been gaining less than one million viewers despite all the drama that has surrounded the family’s life this past year.

From the Paris robbery ordeal to Khloe Kardashian’s revelation that she had “fake tried” to become pregnant with Lamar Odom’s baby, Kris Jenner is puzzled as to why the ratings aren’t as solid as they used to be, with an insider adding that she’s working hard to get the show back on top of things.

Kris Jenner is well aware that KUWTK has been a tremendous platform for the family; not just to clear their names from rumors spread in the press but to also brand themselves as businesswomen, and, of course, earn a significant amount of money for sharing their personal lives.

After having reportedly signed a $100 million contract with the E! network in 2015 to continue shooting episodes for the show throughout until 2019, as revealed by Page Six, if the ratings continue to tank, Kris Jenner could be in danger of not receiving another offer as generous as the one made to her two years ago.

Radar Online explains that though the momager is worried how she’ll make a turnaround that will attract a bigger audience, she’s convinced that by the time the 15th series airs later this year, the family will have plenty of explosive storylines to motivate people to watch the show again.

“Filming starts in August for Season 15,” a source claims. “Pretty much everyone is taking July off from filming and then it will all start again. KUWTK ratings were bad this season, but it is all over the world and it is still a cash cow for the network.”

As the insider mentions, the show continues to perform well in different countries, and although it’s not generating high numbers in terms of viewership in the United States, the money it generates across the pond is still significantly high.

With Kim Kardashian’s plans to use a surrogate to have a third child, Kris Jenner is sure to feature that as one of her daughter’s forthcoming storylines, while Kylie’s relationship with Travis Scott is also said to drive interest in the show if the rapper agrees to partake.

Do you think Kris Jenner has it in her to save the reality show?

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