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Girl, 9, Loses 66 Pounds After Being Bullied For Her Weight

Girl, 9, Loses 66 Pounds After Being Bullied For Her Weight

A girl who at 9 lost 66 pounds says she can move and breathe easier, and the bullies who once picked on her for weighing 186 pounds are now leaving her alone.

Breanna Bond tipped the scales at close to 200 pounds by the time she was 9 years old, weight that made it difficult for her to do everyday things. It also made the California girl a target for bullies at school, ABC News reported.

“Everybody at school would call me names,” Bond said. “They would call me fatty, they would call me fat head.”

The girl’s weight gain started from birth, and, by the time she reached kindergarten, Bond already weighed 100 pounds. It was so difficult on her small frame that she couldn’t keep up with the other children while they played.

“Her pediatrician always said that she’d grow into her body and then, after a while, we went and got other doctors’ opinions,” Breanna’s mother, Heidi Bond of Clovis, Calif., said today on Good Morning America. “We had her tested for everything from thyroid to diabetes — her endocrinology got tested — allergies, and everything came out fine so we knew at that point we had to step things up.”

The parents of the girl decided that 9 was too young for such weight and put Breanna on a program where she lost 66 pounds. They designed an exercise regimen not only for Breanna but the entire family. Together they walk the four-mile trail near their home.

The program was relentless, Heidi Bond says.

“There was nothing that stopped us,” she said. “We went at night, in the rain, in the hail, in the fog, nothing. We had a zero-tolerance policy. We’re doing the walk, no matter what.”

Combined with a diet that limits fat intake to 20 grams per day, the program has helped the girl lose 66 pounds.

Her parents hope the girl who at 9 lost 66 pounds can be an inspiration for other children battling obesity. They recommend that parents start as early as possible, drilling good eating and exercise habits into their kids.

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17 Responses to “Girl, 9, Loses 66 Pounds After Being Bullied For Her Weight”

  1. Sheri Thomas

    Good for the parents for helping this young lady, and for the girl all I can say is WOW I admire you, wish I could do what u did. Best of luck in all that u do.

  2. Sharon Jesse

    Congrats Breanna You look amazing, I am so proud of you. Losing weight is not easy and you should be very proud of yourself for losing so much weight, God Bless and keep up the good work.

  3. Renee Gaskins

    while its great that she is now a healthy kid, she shouldn't have had to be picked on or bullied into losing weight!

  4. Pat Barnum

    Bless you all for your hard work. You have made such a difference in this young person's life. BE PROUD!

  5. Tina Larry Gyorkos

    congrats Breanna! you are a beautiful little girl before and after your wight loss.. I hope you feel better for you and I also PRAY you find some good friends for life that love you just the way you are.. Have a very Merry CHRISTmas and a happy and healthy new year!

  6. Alan D Colón

    exactly what went through my mind. great but sad it came to that before the parents were concerned enough to do something about it. they did a good job though. you live and you learn.

  7. Nancy Barron

    I am glad she lost the weight and can just be a kid again. But my question is towards the parents the kid is 9 years old 200 lbs, and only now her parents decided she should loose weight, what happened in the previous 9 years! when see she was blowing up like hot air balloon. The average 9 year old should only weight around 70 pounds, in the first place.

  8. Sherry FirstLady Brown

    That's why Michelle Obama is posing this healthy eating habit for children and some people have a problem with. She is concerned about childers weight and health and that's a good thing. Congrats to this little girl bc I know its horrible being called names while other kids look on and laugh.

  9. Estelle Whiddon

    What a wonderful uplifting story! her family committing to get the entire family healthy and support their daughter too was amazing! if only all parents of oveweight children would make this committment to themselves and their children as well we would reverse the obesity trend in this country, decrease healthcare costs and regain the nations health! jobe well done to all of you!

  10. Najaja Marki

    it has happened to me before. Just a liittle twist added to this techinque then you re done irespective of age…. its ok though. The one that worked for me or my most favorite is "Truth about abs" – as recommended by the review site. Because it made me reduced from 140kg to 90kg within few weeks. Thanks to inquisitr for each write up related to weight loss.

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