Adam Lind and his daughters Aubree and Paislee

‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Adam Lind Loses Custody And Visitation Rights With His Daughter

Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind has gotten himself into quite a lot of trouble recently, and now it has all caught up with him, and he’s lost his custody rights and visitation with his daughter.

It was recently reported that Adam Lind, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s ex and the father of Aubree, 7, had extensive amounts of meth in his system right before he was due to visit his other daughter, Paislee, 2.

Previously, Chelsea Houska and Paislee’s mother, his other ex, Taylor Halbur, teamed up to see if their suspicions about his drug use were true. Although he tested positive on a first court-mandated drug test, it was shrugged off as a false read. The two women demanded a test for the second time, and he was shown to have meth in his system.

Due to this revelation, Chelsea Houska clamped down the rules in which Adam Lind is only allowed to see his daughter when his own parents are present, and Taylor Halbur enforced the rule for Paislee.

Recent court documents show that Taylor Halbur has also accused Adam Lind of domestic violence, including shoving her over while she was holding Paislee and killing two of her puppies. Another of Adam Lind’s exes had also claimed he had abused her dogs.

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It was also recently revealed that Adam Lind bragged about doing hard drugs on social media, in addition to posting racist, homophobic, and sexist slurs. After knowing all of this about Adam Lind, it is hard to believe Chelsea Houska was once involved with him.

Adam Lind has now had his parental rights completely suspended for Paislee following the most recent news. Taylor Halbur has stated that her daughter is also showing signs of behavioral issues that require professional intervention.

Not only have Adam Lind’s parental rights been suspended, but he is also no longer allowed to even visit Paislee, as Taylor Halbur believes he is a “dangerous” person.

It is unclear if Chelsea Houska has taken steps to begin to terminate his parental rights, as well, but if she does, it might be in the best interest for Aubree. Chelsea has always been heartbroken that Adam Lind would not step up the way she wanted him to, but at this point, it seems he will never change.

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