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76ers Break Team Record For Season Tickets Sold

Philadelphia 76ers fans are already excited about watching their team during the 2017-18 season. According to ESPN: Outside the Lines, today the 76ers franchise set a team record for season tickets sold. Due to the high interest of fans seeing Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Markelle Fultz playing together, fans have bought more than 14,000 season tickets, which is a franchise record. They are also expected to sell-out their home games this season as well.

Christopher Heck, the Sixers chief sales and marketing officer, spoke with CSNPhilly about the good news today.

“Fortunately we’re able to break the Sixers’ all-time record for season-ticket memberships,” said Sixers chief sales and marketing officer Christopher Heck. “That is a testament to the strong fandom that we believe not only is this a true sports town, but it’s a basketball town.”

The Philadelphia 76ers have been busy today as they get set for tonight’s NBA Draft, where they will enjoy selecting the No. 1 overall pick for the second year straight. This past weekend, Philly made a deal with the Boston Celtics to swap their initial No. 3 pick for the Celtics No. 1 pick. In order to do so, Philly had to send over their pick in next year’s draft they received via the Los Angeles Lakers. If that pick does not end up in the top five, they can then use the Sixer 2019 first-round pick they received via the Sacramento Kings.

Sixers sell 14,000 season tickets
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The 76ers are expected to take Markelle Fultz from the University of Washington. Fultz is the most talented guard in the draft and is exactly what Philly is looking for to pair with their core of talented young players. Since 2014, the franchise has been living by their slogan, “Trust the Process.” Now, three years later, their record breaking ticket sales prove that fans finally believe in the team’s future.

In a few days, most likely one of their star rookies, Joel Embiid or Dario Saric, will take home the Rookie of the Year award. Both players helped lead the team to 28 victories this past season, which was a big step from their previous seasons. It’s safe to say that if their No. 1 overall pick from last year’s draft, Ben Simmons, did not miss the entire season, they would have won much more.

76ers fans buying season tickets
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The addition of Markelle Fultz will solidify the 76ers as a team to fear in the near future. Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Robert Covington were all excited by the news this past weekend. To show their support for Fultz, they made sure they gave him a warm welcome at his workout for the team before the draft. Joel Embiid, who has been the Sixers vocal leader since his arrival, has already gone on to declare that Philly will be a playoff team this season. The fans are eager to see if his statement will be true.

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