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‘Clash Royale’ Tips & Tricks: Mega Knight Edition — Newest Legendary Card, A New Meta?

Clash Royale announced that four new cards, including the Mega Knight, Cannon Cart, Flying Machine, and Skeleton Barrel, would be introduced in the next couple of weeks. While the official launch date is still far away, having an idea on how to properly use these new cards would give players a distinct advantage once the cards go live. Here are some tips and tricks on how to maximize the Mega Knight.

According to the iDigital Times, the Mega Knight, Cannon Cart, Flying Machine, and Skeleton Barrel are the next 4 cards to be introduced into Clash Royale following a challenge event for each of the four new cards. These four new cards, individually or in combination with the current crop of existing cards, could potentially change how the game is being played at the moment.

Mega Knight: More Than Your Basic Tank

The Mega Knight is the latest Legendary card set to debut in Clash Royale. The official site of Clash Royale reports that the Mega Knight can be unlocked from Arena 10 (Hog Mountain) by obtaining a Legendary chest or by completing the aforementioned Challenge Event for the Mega Knight.

Like the Legendary card Lava Hound and the Epic card PEKKA, the Mega Knight costs seven elixirs spawn. But what’s so special about this newest Clash Royale Legendary card? The Mega Knight is the first ever tank card in the game that can deal splash damage to opposing troops. It is also the only card beside the Electro Wizard that has spawn damage.

4 new cards set to be introduced into Clash Royale
The 4 newest cards set to debut in Clash Royale. [Image by nickatnyte/YouTube]

Sure, the Hound also targets ground troops and structure, but it takes a fair amount of time before it bursts to give birth to the Lava Pups. So technically speaking, it isn’t the Hound that targets the opposing troops and structures, it’s her Lava Pups. The Mega Knight, despite being a high-cost card, changes all that by being able to deal splash damage to ground troops, hence potentially becoming the tank of choice in Clash Royale.

The stat of the Mega Knight shows that it can mix it up with the best cards in Clash Royale.
The stat of the Mega Knight, the newest Legendary card in Clash Royale [Image by nickatnyte/YouTube]

This splash damage afforded by the Mega Knight means that it can easily deal with those pesky Archers, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Goblin Gang, and Skeleton Army. By pairing the Mega Knight with the Log or the Zap, the Clash Royale player would be able to easily handle the more sturdy cards such as the Witch, the Ice Wizard, and even those Barbarian variants.

The Mega Knight actually has similarities with the Dark Prince, as both cards have dash ability and both deal splash damage to opposing troops. However, the Mega Knight deals a lot more damage than the Dark Prince. A tank card that is able to deal spawn damage and splash damage would provide Clash Royale with players versatility on both offense and defense.

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[Featured Image by Lehtikuva, Milla Takala/AP Images]