Todd and Julie Chrisley have a fake marriage on Chrisley Knows Best

Here Are All The Details About The Fake ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Marriage Between Todd And Julie

Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported that Todd and Julie Chrisley, the heads of the Chrisley Knows Best clan, had quite a bit of drama of their own, which was part of the reason that their daughter, Lindsie, left the show. Today, however, word is getting out about the extent of the “fakeness” of their marriage, and needless to say, it’s a doozy.

In a previous report by the Inquisitr, we talked about the nature of Todd and Julie’s relationship on Chrisley Knows Best. Even though the couple seem very affectionate with one another when the cameras are on, it immediately stops once the cameras are off. What’s more, they have very different personalities, and they can barely tolerate one another when the film stops rolling.

“Todd, 48 – who fathers five children with wife Julie, 44 – ‘is always running around trying to be Mr. Hollywood, while Julie is the one at home with the kids making sure everything with the family goes smoothly. And even that is fake. They have a team of people underneath them at this point so in reality neither one of them have to lift a finger when it comes to housekeeping.'”

And, it certainly doesn’t help matters that Todd Chrisley is allegedly gay, per a confession made by his son.

Now, more details have emerged as a result of the latest Chrisley Knows Best reports. Radar Online is spilling all the dirty details about the sham of the marriage, and needless to say, it’s a lot worse than was previously reported.

The only reason that the two of them are staying together for the moment is because of the fact that they need the money and the fame that the show provides. If they didn’t have that, according to the outlet, they’d have split a long time ago.

What’s more, Todd Chrisley is usually running around Hollywood trying to make a name for himself. Meanwhile, Julie Chrisley stays on the East Coast and keeps to herself.

And they’re not even as rich as they claim to be — Todd Chrisley filed for bankruptcy recently, and his “downsized digs” are a $2 million mansion, so it doesn’t sound like he’s hurting that badly.

“Even their sweet bedtime scenes are ‘scripted,’ the insider claimed. ‘They are actually shot back-to-back with several outfit changes. No one goes to bed in full hair and make-up!’ the source revealed. In reality, the couple ‘can barely even tolerate each other.’ Despite the animosity, the TV duo plans to maintain their façade.”

Perhaps Todd Chrisley would do best to save his money from Chrisley Knows Best; according to another report from Radar Online, his attempts at creating his own talk show are falling horribly short.

And the biggest reason being, he’s not as funny as he thinks he is, and without the help of a dedicated team of experienced comedy writers, Chrisley is a total flop.

Even though his show brought in good money and ratings for the USA Network, his talk show wasn’t even picked up by the network.

Of course, calling yourself by the same nickname that Lindsay Lohan’s crazy stage mother used probably isn’t helping, Todd. We’re just saying.

“I should be so lucky as for someone to say I am the ‘White Oprah!’ Oprah was never afraid to talk about anything, and she used her platform for the betterment of millions of people,” Todd said. “My talk show will feature a variety of guests that come on and, yes, several of my family members are going to appear on the show.”

What do you think of this latest Chrisley Knows Best news? Do you think Todd and Julie are faking it for the cameras?

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