Courteney Cox, 53, Would Love To Have A Baby - Had Fillers In Face Dissolved [Photos]

Courteney Cox, 53, Would Love To Have A Baby, Had Fillers In Face Dissolved [Photos]

Fifty-three-year-old Courteney Cox has opened up about getting the fillers in her face dissolved in order to look more natural and less fake in photos. Cox recently spoke about everything from her decision to keep her appearance more natural to thoughts of having a baby with her boyfriend, Johnny McDaid. According to People, Cox said that she would love to have a baby, but realizes she would have to carry another woman’s fertilized egg to do so. Although Courtney, who is the mother of 13-year-old Coco with ex-husband David Arquette, said she knows the thought sounds crazy, she would love to have a baby.

Cox said that she feels like she’s 34 instead of 53 because she feels the best she’s ever felt in her life. Courteney admitted that working in Hollywood makes it more difficult to age gracefully. Appearance was the most important thing to her growing up, Cox said about the lesson she learned about beauty in the world of acting and entertainment. As such, Courteney admitted that trying to keep up with a beautiful appearance only made things worse.

That’s when Cox said she began taking the recommendations of some doctors and getting fillers and the like. However, as seen in the following Vanity Fair tweet, Courteney stopped getting those fillers when a friend urged her to cease using facial fillers.

A little injection in her face here and there ended up giving Courteney a layered look of fillers that became a domino effect. Ultimately, Cox realized that she didn’t look right in photos, which she says was worse than how she looked in real life. As a result, Cox got her fillers dissolved and is as natural as she can be. Courteney said she feels better because she looks more like herself, instead of looking fake.

Cox said that she had to discover that fillers don’t work for her. Having a supportive 40-year-old boyfriend in McDaid helps, too. Courteney said that her younger boyfriend isn’t focused as much on beauty and doesn’t worry about their 13-year age difference.

Cox also said that she lets her daughter express herself through makeup.

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