Photo of 'Little People, Big World' cast members featuring all of the Roloff family members

‘Little People, Big World’: Zach & Jacob Roloff Share New Photos Of Baby Jackson, Amy Shares Zach’s Baby Pics

Little People, Big World brothers Zach and Jacob Roloff recently took to social media to share two new photos of baby Jackson, while Amy Roloff shared Zach’s baby pics on the last new episode of the current season.

One day after Father’s Day, new dad Zach Roloff took to his Instagram account to post a new photo of his first-born son, Jackson Kyle. Zach also captioned the adorable photo of his 1-month-old son with Father’s Day blessings to all of the current fathers and soon-to-be fathers in his life.

Fans of the long-running TLC reality TV series love to see new photos of the first Roloff grandbaby, and Zach’s photo on Monday was no exception.

“I just love how his little hands are folded, and he’s smiling,” said one of Zach’s Instagram followers.

Other comments praise Zach for being a “wonderful father,” adding that baby Jackson is blessed to have Zach and Tori Roloff as parents.

Season 12 of Little People, Big World is currently underway on TLC, and fans aren’t hesitant to say that newlyweds and new parents Zach and Tori Roloff are their favorites on the show right now for being so “real” on camera.

“I wish Zach and Tori had their own show. He has always been my favorite, and they are an amazing couple who are going to be great parents,” said one Little People, Big World fan on the show’s official Facebook page.

Some fans who have loyally kept up with Little People, Big World for the last 11 years say that Zach and Tori and new baby Jackson are the only reasons they watch new episodes now.

The youngest Roloff sibling, Jacob Roloff, is, of course, no longer on new episodes of Little People, Big World, but he also very much shows his love for his new baby nephew. Jacob, 20, who used to be a fan-favorite on Little People, Big World, took to his own personal Instagram account last Saturday to show off a new pic of baby Jackson, saying that he loves “this kid.”

Jacob has built up his own large following on social media after he left Little People, Big World shortly after the show returned to TLC in 2013 after a nearly three-year hiatus. Jacob’s Instagram followers commented on Saturday’s photo of baby Jackson that Jacob is “such a good uncle.” Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff, 55, also recently commented on his own personal Facebook account how “precious” Jacob’s love is for the “new baby J.”

I LOVE THIS KID. ALOT. Look at those eyes..

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Little People, Big World fans know by now that baby Jackson has the type of dwarfism that his father, Zach, has called achondroplasia. Dwarfism is the entire premise behind Little People, Big World, and on last Tuesday’s new episode, Tori Roloff, 26, had to face the reality that she might have to have a C-section to deliver baby Jackson since achondroplasia babies tend to have large heads.

That episode, titled “When It Rains It Pours,” also showed Roloff matriarch and new grandma Amy Roloff, 52, sharing photos of what Zach looked like when he was a baby. People Magazine shared an exclusive video clip prior to the last new episode on Tuesday, June 20. The video sneak peek is just over two minutes long and shows Amy Roloff “reminiscing on Zach’s childhood” as she waits for her first grandbaby to be born.

Amy calls Zach a “cutie” as she holds up several old photos of him when he was little. On Zach’s last birthday, May 10, Amy Roloff took to her Instagram account to share another photo of Zach as a young boy, along with his fraternal twin brother, Jeremy, who’s of average height.

Baby Jackson was born two days after Zach’s 27th birthday, and Little People, Big World fans have been stalking all of the Roloff family member’s social media accounts ever since in hopes of finding new photos. Every week, at least one new photo of baby Jackson surfaces on social media, much to the delight of Little People, Big World fans.

The last new episode of the current season of Little People, Big World airs this next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC, with rumors that baby Jackson will make his small-screen debut next season. However, according to RenewCancelTV, TLC has yet to announce whether Little People, Big World has been renewed or canceled for another new season.

Little People, Big World fans can keep an eye on Discovery Press Web for news from TLC on a possible upcoming new season.

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