Kylie Jenner reportedly struggles with 'Life of Kylie.'

Kylie Jenner Reportedly Struggles With Spinoff Show, Will She Survive Without The Kardashians?

Kylie Jenner is reportedly struggling to bring something new in her own spinoff reality show, Life Of Kylie.

According to RadarOnline, the 19-year-old reality star is currently working really hard on her upcoming reality show Life Of Kylie but is feeling disappointed about how things are going. The news site revealed that the youngest Jenner is struggling to bring new content for the spinoff, making her worried that it might not be as successful as many assumed.

Sources close to Kylie also revealed that the producers are “scrambling to save” the show from being a complete disaster.

Apparently, the curvaceous beauty is running out of ideas to film that will potentially make Life Of Kylie interesting. With Kylie’s split with longtime boyfriend Tyga, many speculated that the show would not have that much drama.

In fact, upon seeing the promotional footage for Life Of Kylie, the fashion and cosmetics mogul allegedly find it “boring and basic.” However, the reality star reportedly has no intentions of giving too much away, particularly when it comes to her new dating life. Also, Kylie wants the show to focus more on her business and brand — something that she has been very proud of.

“She does not want to give too much away and she wanted the show to be about her business and her brand, but the footage just seems boring and basic to her!”

Despite the rumored difficulty in her reality show, Kylie Jenner allegedly doesn’t want to ask help from for her famous family as much as possible. It has been alleged that the voluptuous reality star has been trying to steer away from the Kardashians shadow and build her very own empire.

However, RadarOnline revealed that Kylie realized that she still needs their “family drama” to draw more interest in Life Of Kylie. Considering the Kardashians experience in running a successful reality show, it only makes sense for Jenner to make use of them on her own spinoff.

“The problem is that she was trying to do this on her own without the help of her famous family. But she is realizing that she might need their drama after all. She is now all about trying to create fake stuff to bring in viewers!”

There were even claims that Kylie Jenner has considered taking advantage of her rumored sibling rivalry with Kim Kardashian after the mother of two launched her own makeup line.

Sources revealed to RadarOnline that Kylie was not happy with Kim’s decision to release KKW Beauty despite the obvious competition it’ll create against Kylie Cosmetics. Apparently, instead of sulking about the issue, Jenner reportedly came up with the idea to “turn drama into dollars.”

“She is angry with Kim for launching KKW Beauty because she thinks that Kim is trying to steal her idea.”

However, it seems like the Glam Masters star will not take the bait that easy as she allegedly refused to be part of it.

“She is going to use this feud with Kim for the show — but Kim doesn’t want any part in it!”

Life Of Kylie is scheduled to premiere on August 6 only on E!.

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