Melania Portrayed In 'Me The People: The Trump America Musical' As Trump Tower Security Eased

Video: Melania Is ‘Very Popular’ – ‘Melania’ Stars In Musical As Trump Tower Security Eased After Move To D.C.

President Donald Trump praised First Lady Melania Trump as a “very popular” first lady, as seen in the below video from a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. President Trump brought up Melania in an off-handed way when discussing a person who had just protested during the “Make America Great Again” rally by blowing a whistle. Mr. Trump called the “guy blowing a whistle” a “Bernie Sanders guy.”

President Trump said the good thing about protesters at his rallies is that they force the camera angles to sometimes shoot the crowd and the corner of the arenas. That’s when Mr. Trump claimed that every corner in the Cedar Rapids arena was packed, something he called an honor. Then President Trump waxed about Melania being very popular, as he claimed that he would go home after some rallies and Melania would tell Mr. Trump that she never saw the crowd on TV, but that it sounded like a lot of people.

“I’d go home and my wife Melania would say — who by the way she has become very popular. They’re liking her… They’re liking her. She’d say, ‘I never saw the crowd. But it sounded like a lot of people.'”

President Trump seemed bemused at Melania’s popularity, as seen in the following video.

According to AOL, President Trump is correct in assessing Melania’s popularity, with recent polls stating that Melania is more popular than President Trump.

“This is not like 500 people. You can’t imitate that.”

In fact, Melania is so popular that she has her very own character portrayal in a new musical. A version of Melania can be seen in photos from “ME THE PEOPLE: The Trump America Musical,” with actress Mia Weinberger starring as Melania, as seen in the below photo. Mia portrayed Melania onstage as she performed at The Triad Theater on June 21, in New York City.

And speaking of New York City, plenty of residents nearby Trump Tower are happy that Melania and Barron Trump have moved to the White House. According to the below description of the next Associated Press photo, storeowners are “breathing a big sigh of relief” now that some of the security barriers and checkpoints around Trump Tower have been relaxed ever since Melania and Barron moved to the White House.

[Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]

The barriers that had been in place whilst Melania and Barron Trump still lived in Trump Tower had caused issues with foot traffic around the area, which made it more difficult for shoppers to get to some of the surrounding stores.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]