Whipped cream dispenser explosion kills model

Whipped Cream Dispenser Explodes, Killing Model: Family Posts Warning Following Her Death

A freak accident with an exploding whipped cream dispenser has ended the life of a popular French fitness model, according to her family. Rebecca Burger has a huge Instagram following and was well-known throughout the fitness community in her native country of France. News of the model’s death due to this bizarre accident was reported on Fox & Friends during their Thursday morning show.

In what is deemed a “freak accident,” Burger died after a whipped cream canister exploded and hit her in the chest. The 33-year-old was rushed to the hospital, but despite efforts to save the model, she died of a cardiac arrest.

According to the New York Post, hundreds of her fans have commented on the Facebook page that announced the death of Rebecca’s passing.

One post that was translated by the Post said, “Rebecca was a real model for a lot of people and a real source of inspiration.”

This death announcement that was posted by her family conveys that Rebecca died at home. The device that reportedly exploded leading to the death of Rebecca is a pressurized gas canister that is designed to make and dispense whipped cream, according to NBC News.

This is the same type of device that is often used in dessert shops and coffee shops, but it is available in a variety of brand names to purchase and use at home. These devices harbor dangers that have been brought to the public’s attention before this tragic event. Serious injuries have been reported in the past from these devices exploding. According to the BBC News, the whipped cream dispenser exploding is what killed this popular French fitness model.

According to NBC News, consumer groups in France have been warning the public about these devices for a few years now. It is not just one specific brand name; it is the way these devices operate that pose the danger. The brand name of the dispenser that killed Rebbecca has not been revealed.

The injuries reported from these devices in previous events include a victim losing an eye and another person suffering a broken thorax from a whipped cream dispenser exploding. In a previous recall of these devices by the French government, only 25,000 were returned out of the 160,000 devices sold and involved in this recall, so there are many still out there.

Today, her family has taken to social media to warn the public of these defective whipped cream dispensers. The item is manufactured in France, and the family claims there are thousands of the dispensers still being sold, according to Fox News.

The family posted a picture of a whipped cream dispenser similar to the one that they claim exploded and caused the death of Rebecca Burger. It is not known if this is exact type or brand that Rebecca had used.

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Rebecca Burger was very active in many different avenues involving fitness, and she was someone very popular on social media. Her toned body is seen in many pictures in a bikini online as part of her fitness instructions. She was a contestant in many fitness competitions and beauty pageants “all over the world,” according to Fox News.

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