'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 97 leaks have revealed the initial struggles of Universe 7's representative team.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 97: Surprise, Surprise, Frieza Won’t Be A Team Player After All

Universe 7 would not see it coming (insert necessary /s tag here). As the most recent Dragon Ball Super episode summaries from Weekly Shonen Jump revealed, it seems that Frieza would be an uncooperative fighter once the Tournament of Power finally begins. Despite Beerus’ plan and team captain Gohan’s insistence on keeping the U7 team working as a unified unit, most of the fighters, especially the notorious villain, would be fighting independently anyway. This, of course, would likely result in the Universe 7 team encountering a lot of struggles in the multiverse battle royale.

The leaks, which have recently been translated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship, described the overall plot of Dragon Ball Super Episode 97, “Survive! The Curtain Finally Opens on the Tournament of Power!” From what could be determined from the contents of the leaked episode summary, it seems that the massive multiverse battle will start off with a huge bang, as 80 fighters from eight participating universes would be set loose to destroy each other.

“Warriors gather atop the fighting arena! A total of 80 fighters from the eight universes participating in the Tournament of Power assemble at the fighting arena in the World of Void! With their universes on the line, these warriors await the gong for the match to begin. And so, the Omni-Kings finally announce the beginning of the survival match where losing universes shall be annihilated!!”

“The fuse is lit for the fierce battle! The Tournament of Power will decide the universes’ fate!! What will Frieza do?! Beerus is on pins and needles?!

“Gohan This Week: As leader, can he put his plan into action?! Finding a means of survival in group tactics, Gohan passes his strategy on to his teammates. However, the outlook is starting to look grim as multiple people (Frieza in particular) act on their own?!”

The lineup of Universe 7’s fighters is quite formidable. Save for Tien, Krillin and Master Roshi, each of the warriors that Goku and Gohan recruited is very much capable of holding their own in a fight against opponents as strong as Namek-era Frieza. Despite this, however, most of the powerful U7 fighters are used to battling enemies on their own, such as Vegeta.

While the Saiyan Prince has fought alongside many allies in the past, he still has a tendency to participate in important battles on his own, as shown in the Future Trunks arc of Dragon Ball Super. Frieza is even worse. As seen in the character’s history, the villain is incredibly selfish and only cares about himself. Thus, the chances of Frieza actually cooperating with the other U7 fighters are extremely slim, as noted by numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit.

Unfortunately for Universe 7, the Tournament of Power is ironically not just about power. As previously stated in the anime itself, teamwork and tactics matter much in the grand battle royale, especially since all 80 fighters would be engaging each other at the same time. The ToP, after all, would only have one winner. If the U7 team could not get their members in check, it would likely result in huge problems once the battle begins.

Universe 7 would have a lot of competition to contend with in the Tournament of Power. There’s the Pride Troopers from Universe 11, the Saiyans from Universe 6, and the transforming female fighters of Universe 2, to name a few. Thus, if Goku’s team could not work together efficiently, Dragon Ball Super might very well witness the fall of the franchise’s most iconic and beloved characters in the anime’s grandest tournament to date.

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